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TimeAxisView Class Reference

#include <time_axis_view.h>

Inheritance diagram for TimeAxisView:

AxisView VisualTimeAxis ImageFrameTimeAxis MarkerTimeAxis

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Detailed Description

TimeAxisView defines the abstract base class for time-axis views.

This class provides the basic LHS controls and display methods. This should be extended to create functional time-axis based views.

Definition at line 61 of file time_axis_view.h.

Public Types

enum  TrackHeight {
  Largest = 301, Large = 201, Larger = 101, Normal = 51,
  Smaller = 31, Small = 21

Public Member Functions

Gdk_Color color () const
virtual bool cut_copy_clear (Selection &, Editing::CutCopyOp)
virtual ARDOUR::RouteGroup * edit_group () const
virtual void entered ()
virtual void exited ()
virtual ARDOUR::Region * find_next_region (jack_nframes_t pos, ARDOUR::RegionPoint, int32_t dir)
virtual XMLNode * get_child_xml_node (std::string childname)
virtual void get_inverted_selectables (Selection &, list< Selectable * > &results)
virtual void get_selectables (jack_nframes_t start, jack_nframes_t end, double top, double bot, list< Selectable * > &results)
virtual XMLNode * get_state_node ()
bool has_state () const
bool hidden () const
virtual void hide ()
virtual void hide_dependent_views (TimeAxisViewItem &)
virtual void hide_selection ()
virtual void hide_timestretch ()
virtual bool marked_for_display () const
virtual string name () const =0
void order_selection_trims (GtkCanvasItem *item, bool put_start_on_top)
virtual bool paste (jack_nframes_t, float times, Selection &, size_t nth)
virtual ARDOUR::Playlist * playlist () const
void reset_height ()
virtual void reshow_selection (TimeSelection &)
virtual void reveal_dependent_views (TimeAxisViewItem &)
virtual bool selected () const
ARDOUR::Session & session () const
virtual void set_height (TrackHeight h)
virtual void set_marked_for_display (bool yn)
void set_parent (TimeAxisView &p)
virtual void set_samples_per_unit (double)
virtual void set_selected (bool)
virtual void set_selected_points (PointSelection &)
virtual void set_selected_regionviews (AudioRegionSelection &)
virtual void set_state (const XMLNode &)
virtual guint32 show_at (double y, int &nth, Gtk::VBox *parent)
virtual void show_selection (TimeSelection &)
virtual void show_timestretch (jack_nframes_t start, jack_nframes_t end)
virtual void step_height (bool bigger)
 TimeAxisView (ARDOUR::Session &sess, PublicEditor &ed, TimeAxisView *parent, Gtk::Widget *canvas)
bool touched (double top, double bot)

Public Attributes

GtkCanvasItem * canvas_display
Gtk::VBox * control_parent
Gtk::EventBox controls_ebox
Gtk::Frame controls_frame
Gtk::HBox controls_hbox
Gtk::EventBox controls_lhs_pad
Gtk::Table controls_table
Gtk::VBox controls_vbox
PublicEditor & editor
guint32 effective_height
SigC::Signal0< void > GoingAway
guint32 height
SigC::Signal0< void > Hiding
Gtk::Entry name_entry
Gtk::Frame name_frame
Gtk::HBox name_hbox
int order
double y_position

Protected Member Functions

void add_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual void build_display_menu ()
virtual void build_size_menu ()
virtual gint controls_ebox_button_release (GdkEventButton *ev)
TimeAxisViewget_parent_with_state ()
SelectionRect * get_selection_rect (uint32_t id)
virtual gint handle_display_menu_map_event (GdkEventAny *ev)
bool is_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual gint name_entry_button_press (GdkEventButton *ev)
virtual gint name_entry_button_release (GdkEventButton *ev)
virtual void popup_display_menu (guint32 when)
void popup_size_menu (guint32 when)
void remove_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual void selection_click (GdkEventButton *)
gint size_click (GdkEventButton *ev)

Static Protected Member Functions

static GdkColor unique_random_color ()

Protected Attributes

Gdk_Color _color
bool _has_state
bool _hidden
bool _marked_for_display
bool _selected
ARDOUR::Session & _session
std::vector< TimeAxisView * > children
string controls_base_selected_name
string controls_base_unselected_name
Gtk::Menu * display_menu
list< SelectionRect * > free_selection_rects
Gtk::Label name_label
GtkCanvasItem * selection_group
Gtk::Menu * size_menu
list< SelectionRect * > used_selection_rects

Static Protected Attributes

static list< GdkColor > used_colors

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