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ImageFrameSocketHandler Class Reference

#include <imageframe_socket_handler.h>

List of all members.

Detailed Description

ImageFrameSocketHandler defines the handler between Ardour and an Image Compositor As this is purely visual, we do all processing within the main gtk loop via message passing through a socket.

Definition at line 41 of file imageframe_socket_handler.h.

Public Member Functions

void close_connection ()
bool connect (std::string hostIp, int32_t port)
int get_gdk_input_tag ()
int get_socket_descriptor ()
 ImageFrameSocketHandler (PublicEditor &ed)
bool is_connected ()
void send_imageframe_time_axis_group_removed (std::string group_id, void *src, ImageFrameTimeAxisGroup *group)
void send_imageframe_time_axis_group_renamed (std::string new_id, std::string old_id, void *src, ImageFrameTimeAxisGroup *group)
void send_imageframe_time_axis_removed (std::string track_id, void *src)
void send_imageframe_time_axis_renamed (std::string new_id, std::string old_id, void *src, ImageFrameTimeAxis *time_axis)
void send_imageframe_view_duration_change (jack_nframes_t dur, void *src, ImageFrameView *item)
void send_imageframe_view_position_change (jack_nframes_t pos, void *src, ImageFrameView *item)
void send_imageframe_view_removed (std::string item_id, void *src, ImageFrameView *item)
void send_imageframe_view_renamed (std::string new_id, std::string old_id, void *src, ImageFrameView *item)
void send_marker_time_axis_removed (std::string track_id, void *src)
void send_marker_time_axis_renamed (std::string new_id, std::string old_id, void *src, MarkerTimeAxis *time_axis)
void send_marker_view_duration_change (jack_nframes_t dur, void *src, MarkerView *item)
void send_marker_view_position_change (jack_nframes_t pos, void *src, MarkerView *item)
void send_marker_view_removed (std::string item_id, void *src, MarkerView *item)
void send_marker_view_renamed (std::string new_id, std::string old_id, void *src, MarkerView *item)
void set_gdk_input_tag (int tag)
virtual ~ImageFrameSocketHandler ()

Static Public Member Functions

static ImageFrameSocketHandlerget_instance ()
static void image_socket_callback (void *arg, int32_t fd, GdkInputCondition cond)

Public Attributes

SigC::Signal0< void > CompositorSocketError
SigC::Signal0< void > CompositorSocketShutdown

Private Member Functions

void compose_imageframe_item_desc (ImageFrameView *ifv, std::ostringstream &buffer)
void compose_marker_item_desc (MarkerView *mv, std::ostringstream &buffer)
void decompose_imageframe_item_desc (const char *msg, int &position, std::string &track_id, int &track_id_size, std::string &scene_id, int &scene_id_size, std::string &item_id, int &item_id_size)
ImageFrameViewget_imageframe_view_from_desc (const std::string &track_id, const std::string &group_ud, const std::string &item_id, int &errcode, std::string &errmsg)
std::string get_message_part (int start, int32_t num_chars, const char *msg)
void handle_closed_session (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_position_lock_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_max_duration_enable_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_max_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_min_duration_enable_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_min_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_imageframe_view_position_update (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_imageframe_group (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_imageframe_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_imageframe_view (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_marker_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_marker_view (const char *msg)
void handle_insert_message (const char *msg)
void handle_item_selected (const char *msg)
void handle_item_update_message (const char *msg)
void handle_marker_view_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_marker_view_max_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_marker_view_min_duration_update (const char *msg)
void handle_marker_view_position_lock_update (const char *msg)
void handle_marker_view_position_update (const char *msg)
void handle_open_session (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_imageframe_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_imageframe_time_axis_group (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_imageframe_view (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_marker_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_marker_view (const char *msg)
void handle_remove_message (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_imageframe_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_imageframe_time_axis_group (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_imageframe_view (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_marker_time_axis (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_marker_view (const char *msg)
void handle_rename_message (const char *msg)
void handle_request_data (const char *msg)
void handle_session_action (const char *msg)
void handle_session_name_request (const char *msg)
void handle_shutdown (const char *msg)
int read_message (std::string &msg)
int send_message (const std::string &msg)
void send_return_failure (const std::string &msg)
void send_return_success ()

Static Private Member Functions

static ImageFrameSocketHandlercreate_instance (PublicEditor &ed)

Private Attributes

int theArdourToCompositorSocket
int theGdkInputTag
PublicEditor & thePublicEditor

Static Private Attributes

static ImageFrameSocketHandler_instance = 0


class Editor

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