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MarkerTimeAxisView Class Reference

#include <marker_time_axis_view.h>

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Detailed Description

A view helper for handling MarkerView objects. This object is responsible for the time axis canvas view, and maintains the list of items that have been added to it

Definition at line 43 of file marker_time_axis_view.h.

Public Member Functions

MarkerViewadd_marker_view (ImageFrameView *ifv, std::string mark_type, std::string mark_id, jack_nframes_t start, jack_nframes_t dur, void *src)
void apply_color (GdkColor &color)
GtkCanvasItem * canvas_item ()
void clear_selected_time_axis_item ()
MarkerViewget_named_marker_view (std::string item_id)
gdouble get_samples_per_unit ()
MarkerViewget_selected_time_axis_item ()
 MarkerTimeAxisView (MarkerTimeAxis &mta)
void remove_marker_view (MarkerView *item, void *src)
MarkerViewremove_named_marker_view (std::string item_id, void *src)
void remove_selected_marker_view (void *src)
int set_height (gdouble height)
void set_marker_duration_sec (double sec)
int set_position (gdouble x, gdouble y)
int set_samples_per_unit (gdouble spu)
void set_selected_time_axis_item (MarkerView *mv)
MarkerTimeAxistrackview ()
 ~MarkerTimeAxisView ()

Public Attributes

SigC::Signal2< void,
MarkerView *, void * > 
SigC::Signal2< void,
std::string, void * > 

Private Types

typedef std::list< MarkerView * > MarkerViewList

Private Member Functions

void reset_samples_per_unit ()

Private Attributes

double _samples_per_unit
GtkCanvasItem * canvas_group
GtkCanvasItem * canvas_rect
MarkerViewList marker_view_list
GdkColor region_color
uint32_t stream_base_color

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