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VisualTimeAxis Class Reference

#include <visual_time_axis.h>

Inheritance diagram for VisualTimeAxis:

TimeAxisView AxisView ImageFrameTimeAxis MarkerTimeAxis

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Detailed Description

Base Abstact Class for TimeAxis views that operate purely within the visual domain.

This class provides many of the common methods required for visual TimeAxis views. The aim is to provide an abstract layer during the developmnt of the visual based time axis'. Many of these methods have a better home further up the class heirarchy, and in fact some are replication of methods found within RouteUI. This, however, has been required due to various problems with previous versions of g++, mainly 2.95, which are not correctly handling virtual methods, virtual base classes, and virtual methods when used with Multiple Inheritance. Perhaps these could be combined once the compilers all agree on hos do to do stuff...

Definition at line 60 of file visual_time_axis.h.

Public Types

enum  TrackHeight {
  Largest = 301, Large = 201, Larger = 101, Normal = 51,
  Smaller = 31, Small = 21

Public Member Functions

bool choose_time_axis_color ()
Gdk_Color color () const
virtual bool cut_copy_clear (Selection &, Editing::CutCopyOp)
virtual ARDOUR::RouteGroup * edit_group () const
virtual void entered ()
virtual void exited ()
virtual ARDOUR::Region * find_next_region (jack_nframes_t pos, ARDOUR::RegionPoint, int32_t dir)
void finish_time_axis_rename ()
virtual XMLNode * get_child_xml_node (std::string childname)
virtual void get_inverted_selectables (Selection &, list< Selectable * > &results)
virtual void get_selectables (jack_nframes_t start, jack_nframes_t end, double top, double bot, list< Selectable * > &results)
virtual XMLNode * get_state_node ()
bool has_state () const
bool hidden () const
virtual void hide ()
void hide_click ()
virtual void hide_dependent_views (TimeAxisViewItem &)
virtual void hide_selection ()
virtual void hide_timestretch ()
virtual void label_view ()
virtual bool marked_for_display () const
virtual std::string name () const
gint name_entry_button_press_handler (GdkEventButton *)
gint name_entry_button_release_handler (GdkEventButton *)
void name_entry_changed ()
gint name_entry_focus_out_handler (GdkEventFocus *)
gint name_entry_key_release_handler (GdkEventKey *)
void order_selection_trims (GtkCanvasItem *item, bool put_start_on_top)
virtual bool paste (jack_nframes_t, float times, Selection &, size_t nth)
virtual ARDOUR::Playlist * playlist () const
virtual void remove_this_time_axis (void *src)
void reset_height ()
virtual void reshow_selection (TimeSelection &)
virtual void reveal_dependent_views (TimeAxisViewItem &)
virtual void select_track_color ()
virtual bool selected () const
ARDOUR::Session & session () const
virtual void set_height (TrackHeight h)
virtual void set_marked_for_display (bool yn)
void set_parent (TimeAxisView &p)
virtual void set_samples_per_unit (double)
virtual void set_selected (bool)
virtual void set_selected_points (PointSelection &)
virtual void set_selected_regionviews (AudioRegionSelection &)
virtual void set_state (const XMLNode &)
void set_time_axis_color (Gdk_Color c)
virtual void set_time_axis_name (std::string name, void *src)
virtual guint32 show_at (double y, int &nth, Gtk::VBox *parent)
virtual void show_selection (TimeSelection &)
void show_timestretch (jack_nframes_t start, jack_nframes_t end)
void start_time_axis_rename ()
virtual void step_height (bool bigger)
bool touched (double top, double bot)
void visual_click ()
 VisualTimeAxis (std::string name, PublicEditor &ed, ARDOUR::Session &sess, Gtk::Widget *canvas)
virtual ~VisualTimeAxis ()

Static Public Member Functions

static gint idle_remove_this_time_axis (VisualTimeAxis *ta, void *src)

Public Attributes

GtkCanvasItem * canvas_display
Gtk::VBox * control_parent
Gtk::EventBox controls_ebox
Gtk::Frame controls_frame
Gtk::HBox controls_hbox
Gtk::EventBox controls_lhs_pad
Gtk::Table controls_table
Gtk::VBox controls_vbox
PublicEditor & editor
guint32 effective_height
SigC::Signal0< void > GoingAway
SigC::Signal2< void, string,
void * > 
guint32 height
Gtk::Button hide_button
SigC::Signal0< void > Hiding
Gtk::Entry name_entry
Gtk::Frame name_frame
Gtk::HBox name_hbox
ArdourPrompter * name_prompter
SigC::Signal3< void,
std::string, std::string, void * > 
int order
Gtk::HBox other_button_hbox
Gtk::Button size_button
std::string time_axis_name
Gtk::Button visual_button
SigC::Signal2< void,
std::string, void * > 
double y_position

Protected Member Functions

void add_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual void build_display_menu ()
virtual void build_size_menu ()
virtual gint controls_ebox_button_release (GdkEventButton *ev)
TimeAxisViewget_parent_with_state ()
SelectionRect * get_selection_rect (uint32_t id)
virtual gint handle_display_menu_map_event (GdkEventAny *ev)
bool is_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual gint name_entry_button_press (GdkEventButton *ev)
virtual gint name_entry_button_release (GdkEventButton *ev)
virtual void popup_display_menu (guint32 when)
void popup_size_menu (guint32 when)
void remove_child (TimeAxisView *)
virtual void selection_click (GdkEventButton *)
gint size_click (GdkEventButton *ev)

Static Protected Member Functions

static GdkColor unique_random_color ()

Protected Attributes

Gdk_Color _color
bool _has_state
bool _hidden
bool _marked_for_display
bool _selected
ARDOUR::Session & _session
std::vector< TimeAxisView * > children
string controls_base_selected_name
string controls_base_unselected_name
Gtk::Menu * display_menu
list< SelectionRect * > free_selection_rects
Gtk::Label name_label
GtkCanvasItem * selection_group
Gtk::Menu * size_menu
list< SelectionRect * > used_selection_rects

Static Protected Attributes

static list< GdkColor > used_colors

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