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soundtouch::FIFOProcessor Class Reference

#include <FIFOSamplePipe.h>

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soundtouch::FIFOSamplePipe soundtouch::RateTransposer soundtouch::TDStretch RateTransposerFloat RateTransposerInteger

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Detailed Description

Base-class for sound processing routines working in FIFO principle. With this base class it's easy to implement sound processing stages that can be chained together, so that samples that are fed into beginning of the pipe automatically go through all the processing stages.

When samples are input to this class, they're first processed and then put to the FIFO pipe that's defined as output of this class. This output pipe can be either other processing stage or a FIFO sample buffer.

Definition at line 127 of file FIFOSamplePipe.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual void clear ()=0
 Clears all the samples.
virtual int isEmpty () const
 Returns nonzero if there aren't any samples available for outputting.
void moveSamples (FIFOSamplePipe &other)
virtual uint numSamples () const
 Returns number of samples currently available.
virtual void putSamples (const SAMPLETYPE *samples, uint numSamples)=0
virtual uint receiveSamples (uint maxSamples)
virtual uint receiveSamples (SAMPLETYPE *outBuffer, uint maxSamples)

Protected Member Functions

 FIFOProcessor (FIFOSamplePipe *pOutput)
 Constructor. Configures output pipe.
 FIFOProcessor ()
virtual SAMPLETYPE * ptrBegin () const
void setOutPipe (FIFOSamplePipe *pOutput)
 Sets output pipe.
virtual ~FIFOProcessor ()

Protected Attributes

 Internal pipe where processed samples are put.

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