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    Copyright (C) 1999-2002 Paul Davis 

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

    $Id: ardour_ui.h,v 1.161 2006/03/26 16:29:40 taybin Exp $

#ifndef __ardour_gui_h__
#define __ardour_gui_h__

/* need _BSD_SOURCE to get timersub macros */

#ifdef _BSD_SOURCE
#include <sys/time.h>
#define _BSD_SOURCE
#include <sys/time.h>
#undef _BSD_SOURCE

#include <list>

#include <cmath>

#include <gtk-canvas.h>

#include <pbd/xml++.h>
#include <gtkmmext/gtk_ui.h>
#include <gtkmmext/pix.h>
#include <gtkmmext/spinner.h>
#include <gtkmmext/pixmap_button.h>
#include <gtkmmext/popup_selector.h>
#include <gtkmmext/click_box.h>
#include <gtkmmext/selector.h>
#include <ardour/ardour.h>
#include <ardour/session.h>

#include "audio_clock.h"
#include "ardour_dialog.h"
#include "editing.h"

class AudioClock;
class PublicEditor;
class Keyboard;
class MeterBridge;
class OptionEditor;
class Mixer_UI;
class ConnectionEditor;
class RouteParams_UI;
class SoundFileSelector;
class About;
class AddRouteDialog;
class LocationUI;

namespace Gtkmmext {
      class TearOff;

namespace ARDOUR {
      class AudioEngine;
      class Route;
      class Port;
      class IO;

namespace ALSA {
      class MultiChannelDevice;

#define FRAME_NAME "BaseFrame"

class ARDOUR_UI : public Gtkmmext::UI
      ARDOUR_UI (int *argcp, char **argvp[], string rcfile);
      void show ();
      bool shown() { return shown_flag; }
      void show_splash ();
      void hide_splash ();
      int load_session (string path, string snapshot, string* mix_template = 0);
      bool session_loaded;
      int build_session (string path, string snapshot, 
                     uint32_t ctl_chns, 
                     uint32_t master_chns,
                     ARDOUR::Session::AutoConnectOption input_connect,
                     ARDOUR::Session::AutoConnectOption output_connect,
                     uint32_t nphysin,
                     uint32_t nphysout,
                     jack_nframes_t initial_length);
      bool session_is_new() const { return _session_is_new; }

      ARDOUR::Session* the_session() { return session; }

      bool will_create_new_session_automatically() const {
            return _will_create_new_session_automatically;

      void set_will_create_new_session_automatically (bool yn) {
            _will_create_new_session_automatically = yn;

      void new_session (bool startup = false, std::string path = string());
      gint cmdline_new_session (std::string path);
      int  unload_session ();
      void close_session() { unload_session(); }

      int  save_state_canfail (string state_name = "");
      void save_state (string state_name = "");
      void restore_state (string state_name = "");

      static double gain_to_slider_position (ARDOUR::gain_t g);
        static ARDOUR::gain_t slider_position_to_gain (double pos);

      static ARDOUR_UI *instance () { return theArdourUI; }

      PublicEditor&       the_editor(){return *editor;}
      Mixer_UI* the_mixer() { return mixer; }
      void allow_focus (bool yn);

      static gint generic_focus_in_event (GdkEventFocus *);
      static gint generic_focus_out_event (GdkEventFocus *);

      void toggle_location_window ();
      void toggle_big_clock_window ();
      void toggle_connection_editor ();
      void toggle_route_params_window ();
      void toggle_tempo_window ();
      void toggle_sfdb_window ();

      SoundFileSelector& get_sfdb_window();

      gint32 select_diskstream (GdkEventButton *ev);

      Gtk::Tooltips& tooltips() { return _tooltips; }

      static SigC::Signal1<void,bool> Blink;
      static SigC::Signal0<void>      RapidScreenUpdate;
      static SigC::Signal0<void>      SuperRapidScreenUpdate;
      static SigC::Signal1<void,jack_nframes_t> Clock;

      /* this is a helper function to centralize the (complex) logic for
         blinking rec-enable buttons.

      void rec_enable_button_blink (bool onoff, ARDOUR::DiskStream *, Gtk::Widget *w);

      void name_io_setup (ARDOUR::AudioEngine&, string&, ARDOUR::IO& io, bool in);
      void choose_io (ARDOUR::IO&, bool input);

      static gint hide_and_quit (GdkEventAny *ev, ArdourDialog *);

      XMLNode* editor_settings() const;
      XMLNode* mixer_settings () const;
      XMLNode* keyboard_settings () const;

      void save_ardour_state ();
      gboolean configure_handler (GdkEventConfigure* conf);

      void do_transport_locate (jack_nframes_t position);
      void halt_on_xrun_message ();

      AudioClock primary_clock;
      AudioClock secondary_clock;
      AudioClock preroll_clock;
      AudioClock postroll_clock;

      void add_route ();
      void session_add_audio_track (int input_channels, int32_t output_channels) {
            session_add_audio_route (true, input_channels, output_channels);

      void session_add_audio_bus (int input_channels, int32_t output_channels) {
            session_add_audio_route (false, input_channels, output_channels);

      void session_add_midi_track ();

      void set_engine (ARDOUR::AudioEngine&);

      gint exit_on_main_window_close (GdkEventAny *);

      // this really shouldn't be public, but this is soon to be unmaintained code anyway
      Gtk::ToggleButton & editor_mixer_button() { return _editor_mixer_button; }
      friend class PublicEditor;

      void toggle_metering ();
      void toggle_clocking ();
      void toggle_auto_play ();
      void toggle_auto_input ();
      void toggle_punch_in ();
      void toggle_punch_out ();
      void toggle_auto_return ();
      void toggle_click ();
      void toggle_follow ();

      void toggle_session_auto_loop ();
      void toggle_session_punch_in ();
      void toggle_options_window ();

      struct GlobalClickBox : public Gtk::VBox {
          Gtkmmext::ClickBox  *box;
          Gtk::Frame      frame;
          Gtk::Label      label;
          vector<string> &strings;
          Gtk::Adjustment adjustment;

          static void printer (char buf[32], Gtk::Adjustment &adj, void *arg);

          GlobalClickBox (const string &str, vector<string> &vs)
                : strings (vs),
                  adjustment (0, 0, vs.size() - 1, 1, 1, 0) {
                box = new Gtkmmext::ClickBox (&adjustment, "ClickButton");
                label.set_text (str);
                label.set_name ("GlobalButtonLabel");
                frame.add (*box);
                frame.set_shadow_type (GTK_SHADOW_IN);
                pack_start (label);
                pack_start (frame);
                box->set_print_func (printer, this);
                box->set_wrap (true);

      ARDOUR::AudioEngine                 *engine;
      ARDOUR::Session                     *session;

      Gtk::Tooltips          _tooltips;

      void                     goto_editor_window ();
      void                     goto_mixer_window ();

      Gtk::ToggleButton        _editor_mixer_button;

      Gtk::Table               adjuster_table;
      Gtk::Frame               adjuster_frame;
      Gtk::Fixed               adjuster_base;

      GlobalClickBox     *online_control_button;
      vector<string>      online_control_strings;

      GlobalClickBox    *crossfade_time_button;
      vector<string>     crossfade_time_strings;

      GlobalClickBox    *mmc_id_button;
      vector<string>     mmc_id_strings;

      Gtk::ToggleButton   preroll_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton   postroll_button;

      Gtk::Table          transport_table;
      Gtk::Table          option_table;

      static SoundFileSelector* sfdb_window;

      int  setup_windows ();
      void setup_session_menu ();
      void setup_transport ();
      void setup_clock ();
      void setup_session_info ();
      void setup_adjustables ();

      Gtk::MenuBar* make_menubar ();
      static ARDOUR_UI *theArdourUI;

      void startup ();
      void shutdown ();

      void finish();
      int  ask_about_saving_session (string why);
      gint ask_about_save_deleted (GdkEventAny*);
      void save_session_choice_made (int);
      int  save_the_session;

      void queue_transport_change ();
      void map_transport_state ();
      int32_t do_engine_start ();
      gint start_engine ();
      void engine_halted ();
      void engine_stopped ();
      void engine_running ();

      void map_some_session_state (Gtk::ToggleButton& button,
                             bool (ARDOUR::Session::*get)() const);

      void toggle_some_session_state (Gtk::ToggleButton& button,
                             bool (ARDOUR::Session::*get)() const,
                             void (ARDOUR::Session::*set)(bool));
      void map_button_state ();

      void clear_meters ();

      static gint _blink  (void *);
      void blink ();
      gint blink_timeout_tag;
      bool blink_on;
      void start_blinking ();
      void stop_blinking ();

      void control_methods_adjusted ();
      void mmc_device_id_adjusted ();

      Gtk::VBox     top_packer;

      SigC::Connection clock_signal_connection;
      void         update_clocks ();
      void         start_clocking ();
      void         stop_clocking ();

      class BigClockWindow : public ArdourDialog
            BigClockWindow () : ArdourDialog ("big clock window") {};

      AudioClock               big_clock;
      Gtk::Frame               big_clock_frame;
      BigClockWindow*          big_clock_window;

      void big_clock_size_event (GtkAllocation *alloc);
      void big_clock_realize ();

      /* Transport Control */

      void detach_tearoff (Gtk::Box* parent, Gtk::Widget* contents);
      void reattach_tearoff (Gtk::Box* parent, Gtk::Widget* contents, int32_t order);

      Gtkmmext::TearOff*       transport_tearoff;
      Gtk::Frame               transport_frame;
      Gtk::HBox                transport_tearoff_hbox;
      Gtk::HBox                transport_hbox;
      Gtk::Fixed               transport_base;
      Gtk::Fixed               transport_button_base;
      Gtk::Frame               transport_button_frame;
      Gtk::HBox                transport_button_hbox;
      Gtk::VBox                transport_button_vbox;
      Gtk::HBox                transport_option_button_hbox;
      Gtk::VBox                transport_option_button_vbox;
      Gtk::HBox                transport_clock_hbox;
      Gtk::VBox                transport_clock_vbox;
      Gtk::HBox                primary_clock_hbox;
      Gtk::HBox                secondary_clock_hbox;

      Gtk::Button goto_start_button;
      Gtk::Button goto_end_button;
      Gtk::Button rewind_button;
      Gtk::Button forward_button;
      Gtk::Button stop_button;

      enum ShuttleBehaviour {

      enum ShuttleUnits {

      Gtk::DrawingArea shuttle_box;
      Gtk::EventBox    speed_display_box;
      Gtk::Label       speed_display_label;
      Gtk::Button      shuttle_units_button;
      Gtk::Button      shuttle_style_button;
      Gtk::Menu        shuttle_unit_menu;
      Gtk::Menu        shuttle_style_menu;
      ShuttleBehaviour shuttle_behaviour;
      ShuttleUnits     shuttle_units;

      void shuttle_style_clicked ();
      void shuttle_unit_clicked ();
      void set_shuttle_behaviour (ShuttleBehaviour);
      void set_shuttle_units (ShuttleUnits);
      void update_speed_display ();

      gint shuttle_box_button_press (GdkEventButton*);
      gint shuttle_box_button_release (GdkEventButton*);
      gint shuttle_box_motion (GdkEventMotion*);
      gint shuttle_box_expose (GdkEventExpose*);
      gint mouse_shuttle (double x, bool force);
      void use_shuttle_fract (bool force);

      bool   shuttle_grabbed;
      double shuttle_fract;

      Gtk::ToggleButton auto_loop_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton play_selection_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton roll_button;

      Gtk::ToggleButton rec_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton punch_in_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton punch_out_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton auto_return_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton auto_play_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton auto_input_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton click_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton follow_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton auditioning_alert_button;
      Gtk::ToggleButton solo_alert_button;

      Gtk::VBox alert_box;
      void follow_changed ();

      void solo_blink (bool);
      void audition_blink (bool);

      void soloing_changed (bool);
      void auditioning_changed (bool);
      void _auditioning_changed (bool);

      void solo_alert_toggle ();
      void audition_alert_toggle ();

      void primary_clock_value_changed ();
      void secondary_clock_value_changed ();

      /* called by Blink signal */

      void transport_rec_enable_blink (bool onoff);

      /* These change where we accept control from:
         MMC, X (local) or both.

      void allow_mmc_only ();
      void allow_mmc_and_local ();
      void allow_local_only ();

      static void rate_printer (char buf[32], Gtk::Adjustment &, void *);

      Gtk::Menu*   session_popup_menu;
      Gtk::CTree   session_selector;
      ArdourDialog* session_selector_window;
      Gtk::FileSelection* open_session_selector;
      void build_session_selector();
      void session_selection (Gtk::CTree::Row, gint col);
      struct RecentSessionsSorter {
        bool operator() (std::pair<string,string> a, std::pair<string,string> b) const {
          return cmp_nocase(a.first, b.first) == -1;
      void redisplay_recent_sessions();

      /* menu bar and associated stuff */

      Gtk::MenuBar menu_bar;
      Gtk::Fixed   menu_bar_base;
      Gtk::HBox    menu_hbox;

      void build_menu_bar ();
      void pack_toplevel_controls();

      /* handles on the menu bar items that need to 
         be sensitive to whether or not we have
         a session loaded.

      Gtk::MenuItem *add_track_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *save_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *snapshot_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *save_as_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *save_template_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *export_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem *close_item;

      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *meter_bridge_dialog_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *connection_editor_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *route_params_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *locations_dialog_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *big_clock_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *tempo_editor_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *sfdb_check;
      Gtk::CheckMenuItem *options_window_check;
      /* <CMT Additions> */
      Gtk::MenuItem *image_compositor_item ;
      /* </CMT Additions> */

      Gtk::Label   wall_clock_label;
      Gtk::EventBox wall_clock_box;
      gint update_wall_clock ();

      Gtk::Label   disk_space_label;
      Gtk::EventBox disk_space_box;
      void update_disk_space ();

      Gtk::Label   cpu_load_label;
      Gtk::EventBox cpu_load_box;
      void update_cpu_load ();

      Gtk::Label   disk_rate_label;
      Gtk::EventBox disk_rate_box;
      void update_disk_rate();

      Gtk::Label   buffer_load_label;
      Gtk::EventBox buffer_load_box;
      void update_buffer_load ();

      Gtk::Label   sample_rate_label;
      Gtk::EventBox sample_rate_box;
      void update_sample_rate (jack_nframes_t);

      gint every_second ();
      gint every_point_one_seconds ();
      gint every_point_zero_one_seconds ();

      SigC::Connection second_connection;
      SigC::Connection point_one_second_connection;
      SigC::Connection point_zero_one_second_connection;

      void diskstream_added (ARDOUR::DiskStream*);

      gint session_menu (GdkEventButton *);

      bool _will_create_new_session_automatically;

      void new_session_ok_clicked ();
      void new_session_template_choice (Gtkmmext::Selector *, Gtkmmext::SelectionResult*);
      void hide_dialog (ArdourDialog *dialog);

      void fs_cancel_clicked (Gtk::FileSelection*);
      gint fs_delete_event (GdkEventAny*, Gtk::FileSelection*);

      void open_session ();
      void open_recent_session ();
      void open_ok_clicked ();

      void save_template ();

      void session_add_audio_route (bool disk, int32_t input_channels, int32_t output_channels);

      void add_diskstream_to_menu (ARDOUR::DiskStream&);
      void diskstream_selected (gint32);
      Gtk::Menu *diskstream_menu;
      gint32 selected_dstream;
      gint mouse_transport_goto_start (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_goto_start (); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_goto_end (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_goto_end (); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_record (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_record (); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_forward (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_forward (0); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_rewind (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_rewind (0); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_loop (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_loop (); return TRUE;
      gint mouse_transport_play_selection (GdkEventButton *) {
            transport_play_selection (); return TRUE;

      gint mouse_transport_roll (GdkEventButton *);
      gint mouse_transport_stop (GdkEventButton *);

      void set_transport_sensitivity (bool);

      void remove_last_capture ();

      void transport_goto_start ();
      void transport_goto_end ();
      void transport_stop ();
      void transport_stop_and_forget_capture ();
      void transport_record ();
      void transport_roll ();
      void transport_play_selection(); 
      void transport_forward (int option);
      void transport_rewind (int option);
      void transport_loop ();

      void transport_locating ();
      void transport_rolling ();
      void transport_rewinding ();
      void transport_forwarding ();
      void transport_stopped ();

      void send_all_midi_feedback ();
      bool _session_is_new;
      void connect_to_session (ARDOUR::Session *);
      void connect_dependents_to_session (ARDOUR::Session *);
      void we_have_dependents ();
      void setup_keybindings ();

      guint32  last_key_press_time;

      void snapshot_session ();

      void map_control_change (ARDOUR::Session::ControlType);
      void queue_map_control_change (ARDOUR::Session::ControlType);
      void map_record_state ();
      void queue_map_record_state ();

      Mixer_UI   *mixer;
      int         create_mixer ();
      PublicEditor     *editor;
      int         create_editor ();

      MeterBridge  *meter_bridge;
      int          create_meter_bridge ();

      RouteParams_UI *route_params;
      int             create_route_params ();

      ConnectionEditor *connection_editor;
      int               create_connection_editor ();

      LocationUI *location_ui;
      int         create_location_ui ();

      void meter_bridge_hiding ();
      void location_ui_hiding ();
      void big_clock_hiding ();
      void route_params_hiding ();
      void connection_editor_hiding ();
      void sfdb_hiding ();
      void option_hiding ();

      /* Various options */

      void toggle_recording_plugins ();

      /* Options window */
      OptionEditor *option_editor;
      /* route dialog */

      AddRouteDialog *add_route_dialog;
      void add_route_dialog_done (int status);
      /* Keyboard Handling */
      Keyboard* keyboard;

      /* Keymap handling */

      void install_keybindings ();
      void test_binding_action (const char *);
      void start_keyboard_prefix();

      void toggle_record_enable (guint32);
      void toggle_monitor_enable (guint32);

      uint32_t rec_enabled_diskstreams;
      void count_recenabled_diskstreams (ARDOUR::DiskStream&);

      About* about;
      bool shown_flag;
      /* cleanup */

      Gtk::MenuItem *cleanup_item;

      void display_cleanup_results (ARDOUR::Session::cleanup_report& rep, const gchar* list_title, string msg);
      void cleanup ();
      void flush_trash ();

      bool have_configure_timeout;
      struct timeval last_configure_time;
      gint configure_timeout ();

      struct timeval last_peak_grab;
      struct timeval last_shuttle_request;

      void cannot_record_no_input (ARDOUR::DiskStream*);

      void delete_sources_in_the_right_thread (list<ARDOUR::Source*>*);

      void editor_display_control_changed (Editing::DisplayControl c);

      bool have_disk_overrun_displayed;
      bool have_disk_underrun_displayed;

      void disk_overrun_message_gone ();
      void disk_underrun_message_gone ();
      void disk_overrun_handler ();
      void disk_underrun_handler ();

      int pending_state_dialog ();
      void disconnect_from_jack ();
      void reconnect_to_jack ();
      void set_jack_buffer_size (jack_nframes_t);

      Gtk::MenuItem* jack_disconnect_item;
      Gtk::MenuItem* jack_reconnect_item;
      Gtk::Menu*     jack_bufsize_menu;

      int make_session_clean ();

#endif /* __ardour_gui_h__ */

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