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/* Text item type for GtkCanvas widget
 * GtkCanvas is basically a port of the Tk toolkit's most excellent canvas widget.  Tk is
 * copyrighted by the Regents of the University of California, Sun Microsystems, and other parties.
 * Copyright (C) 1998 The Free Software Foundation
 * Author: Federico Mena <federico@nuclecu.unam.mx>


#include <gtk-canvas/gtk-canvas-defs.h>
#include <gtk/gtkpacker.h> /* why the hell is GtkAnchorType here and not in gtkenums.h? */
#include "gtk-canvas/gtk-canvas.h"


/* Text item for the canvas.  Text items are positioned by an anchor point and an anchor direction.
 * A clipping rectangle may be specified for the text.  The rectangle is anchored at the text's anchor
 * point, and is specified by clipping width and height parameters.  If the clipping rectangle is
 * enabled, it will clip the text.
 * In addition, x and y offset values may be specified.  These specify an offset from the anchor
 * position.  If used in conjunction with the clipping rectangle, these could be used to implement
 * simple scrolling of the text within the clipping rectangle.
 * The following object arguments are available:
 * name                 type              read/write  description
 * ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
 * text                 string                  RW          The string of the text label
 * x              double                  RW          X coordinate of anchor point
 * y              double                  RW          Y coordinate of anchor point
 * font                 string                  W           X logical font descriptor
 * fontset        string                  W           X logical fontset descriptor
 * font_gdk       GdkFont*          RW          Pointer to a GdkFont
 * anchor         GtkAnchorType           RW          Anchor side for the text
 * justification  GtkJustification  RW          Justification for multiline text
 * fill_color           string                  W           X color specification for text
 * fill_color_gdk GdkColor*         RW          Pointer to an allocated GdkColor
 * fill_stipple         GdkBitmap*        RW          Stipple pattern for filling the text
 * clip_width           double                  RW          Width of clip rectangle
 * clip_height          double                  RW          Height of clip rectangle
 * clip                 boolean                 RW          Use clipping rectangle?
 * x_offset       double                  RW          Horizontal offset distance from anchor position
 * y_offset       double                  RW          Vertical offset distance from anchor position
 * text_width           double                  R           Used to query the width of the rendered text
 * text_height          double                  R           Used to query the rendered height of the text

#define GTK_CANVAS_TYPE_CANVAS_TEXT            (gtk_canvas_text_get_type ())
#define GTK_CANVAS_TEXT(obj)            (GTK_CHECK_CAST ((obj), GTK_CANVAS_TYPE_CANVAS_TEXT, GtkCanvasText))

typedef struct _GtkCanvasText GtkCanvasText;
typedef struct _GtkCanvasTextClass GtkCanvasTextClass;
typedef struct _GtkCanvasTextSuckFont GtkCanvasTextSuckFont;
typedef struct _GtkCanvasTextSuckChar GtkCanvasTextSuckChar;

struct _GtkCanvasTextSuckChar {
      int     left_sb;
      int     right_sb;
      int     width;
      int     ascent;
      int     descent;
      int     bitmap_offset; /* in pixels */

struct _GtkCanvasTextSuckFont {
      guchar *bitmap;
      gint    bitmap_width;
      gint    bitmap_height;
      gint    ascent;
      GtkCanvasTextSuckChar chars[256];

struct _GtkCanvasText {
      GtkCanvasItem item;

      char *text;             /* Text to display */
      gpointer lines;               /* Text split into lines (private field) */
      int num_lines;                /* Number of lines of text */

      double x, y;                  /* Position at anchor */
      GdkFont *font;                /* Font for text */
      GtkAnchorType anchor;         /* Anchor side for text */
      GtkJustification justification;     /* Justification for text */

      double clip_width;            /* Width of optional clip rectangle */
      double clip_height;           /* Height of optional clip rectangle */

      double xofs, yofs;            /* Text offset distance from anchor position */

      gulong pixel;                 /* Fill color */
      GdkBitmap *stipple;           /* Stipple for text */
      GdkGC *gc;              /* GC for drawing text */

      int cx, cy;             /* Top-left canvas coordinates for text */
      int clip_cx, clip_cy;         /* Top-left canvas coordinates for clip rectangle */
      int clip_cwidth, clip_cheight;      /* Size of clip rectangle in pixels */
      int max_width;                /* Maximum width of text lines */
      int height;             /* Rendered text height in pixels */

      guint clip : 1;               /* Use clip rectangle? */

      /* Antialiased specific stuff follows */
      GtkCanvasTextSuckFont *suckfont; /* Sucked font */
      guint32 rgba;                 /* RGBA color for text */
      double affine[6];               /* The item -> canvas affine */

struct _GtkCanvasTextClass {
      GtkCanvasItemClass parent_class;

/* Standard Gtk function */
GtkType gtk_canvas_text_get_type (void);



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