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    Copyright (C) 2000-2002 Paul Davis 

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

    $Id: route.h,v 1.74 2005/01/05 01:28:52 pauld Exp $

#ifndef __ardour_route_h__
#define __ardour_route_h__

#include <cmath>
#include <list>
#include <set>
#include <map>
#include <string>

#include <pthread.h>

#include <pbd/atomic.h>
#include <pbd/fastlog.h>
#include <pbd/lockmonitor.h>
#include <pbd/xml++.h>
#include <pbd/undo.h>
#include <midi++/controllable.h>

#include <ardour/ardour.h>
#include <ardour/stateful.h>
#include <ardour/io.h>
#include <ardour/session.h>
#include <ardour/redirect.h>

namespace ARDOUR {

class Insert;
class Send;
class RouteGroup;

enum mute_type {
    PRE_FADER =    0x1,
    POST_FADER =   0x2,
    CONTROL_OUTS = 0x4,
    MAIN_OUTS =    0x8

class Route : public IO
      typedef list<Redirect *> RedirectList;


      enum Flag {
            Hidden = 0x1,
            MasterOut = 0x2,
            ControlOut = 0x4,

      Route (Session&, std::string name, int input_min, int input_max, int output_min, int output_max, Flag flags = Flag(0));
      Route (Session&, const XMLNode&);
      virtual ~Route();

      std::string comment() { return _comment; }
      void set_comment (std::string str, void *src);

      long order_key(std::string name) const;
      void set_order_key (std::string name, long n);

      bool hidden() const { return _flags & Hidden; }
      bool master() const { return _flags & MasterOut; }
      bool control() const { return _flags & ControlOut; }

      /* these are the core of the API of a Route. see the protected sections as well */

      virtual int  roll (jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t start_frame, jack_nframes_t end_frame, 

                     jack_nframes_t offset, int declick, bool can_record, bool rec_monitors_input);

      virtual int  no_roll (jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t start_frame, jack_nframes_t end_frame, 
                        jack_nframes_t offset, bool state_changing, bool can_record, bool rec_monitors_input);

      virtual int  silent_roll (jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t start_frame, jack_nframes_t end_frame, 
                          jack_nframes_t offset, bool can_record, bool rec_monitors_input);
      virtual void toggle_monitor_input ();
      virtual bool can_record() const { return false; }
      virtual void set_record_enable (bool yn, void *src) {}
      virtual bool record_enabled() const { return false; }
      virtual void transport_stopped (bool abort, bool did_locate, bool flush_redirects);

      /* end of vfunc-based API */

      /* override IO::set_gain() to provide group control */

      void set_gain (gain_t val, void *src);
      void inc_gain (gain_t delta, void *src);

      bool active() const { return _active; }
      void set_active (bool yn);

      void set_solo (bool yn, void *src);
      bool soloed() const { return _soloed; }

      void set_solo_safe (bool yn, void *src);
      bool solo_safe() const { return _solo_safe; }

      void set_mute (bool yn, void *src);
      bool muted() const { return _muted; }

      void set_mute_config (mute_type, bool, void *src);
      bool get_mute_config (mute_type);

      void set_phase_invert (bool yn, void *src);
      bool phase_invert() const { return _phase_invert; }
      void       set_edit_group (RouteGroup *, void *);
      RouteGroup *edit_group () { return _edit_group; }

      void       set_mix_group (RouteGroup *, void *);
      RouteGroup *mix_group () { return _mix_group; }

      virtual void  set_meter_point (MeterPoint, void *src);
      MeterPoint  meter_point() const { return _meter_point; }

      /* Redirects */

      void flush_redirects ();

      template<class T> void foreach_redirect (T *obj, void (T::*func)(Redirect *)) {
            LockMonitor lm (redirect_lock, __LINE__, __FILE__);
            for (RedirectList::iterator i = _redirects.begin(); i != _redirects.end(); ++i) {
                  (obj->*func) (*i);

      Redirect *nth_redirect (uint32_t n) {
            LockMonitor lm (redirect_lock, __LINE__, __FILE__);
            RedirectList::iterator i;
            for (i = _redirects.begin(); i != _redirects.end() && n; ++i, --n);
            if (i == _redirects.end()) {
                  return 0;
            } else {
                  return *i;
      uint32_t max_redirect_outs () const { return redirect_max_outs; }
      int add_redirect (Redirect *, void *src, uint32_t* err_streams = 0);
      int add_redirects (const RedirectList&, void *src, uint32_t* err_streams = 0);
      int remove_redirect (Redirect *, void *src, uint32_t* err_streams = 0);
      int copy_redirects (const Route&, Placement, uint32_t* err_streams = 0);
      int sort_redirects (uint32_t* err_streams = 0);

      void clear_redirects (void *src);
      void all_redirects_flip();
      void all_redirects_active (bool state);

      virtual jack_nframes_t update_total_latency();
      jack_nframes_t signal_latency() const { return _own_latency; }
      void set_latency_delay (jack_nframes_t);

      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> solo_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> solo_safe_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> comment_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> mute_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> pre_fader_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> post_fader_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> control_outs_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> main_outs_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> redirects_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> record_enable_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> edit_group_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> mix_group_changed;
      SigC::Signal0<void>       active_changed;
      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> meter_change;

      SigC::Signal0<void> GoingAway;

      /* gui's call this for their own purposes. */

      SigC::Signal2<void,std::string,void*> gui_changed;

      /* stateful */

      XMLNode& get_state();
      int set_state(const XMLNode& node);
      XMLNode& get_template();

      SigC::Signal1<void,void*> SelectedChanged;

      /* undo */

      UndoAction get_memento() const;
      void set_state (state_id_t);

      int set_control_outs (const vector<std::string>& ports);
      IO* control_outs() { return _control_outs; }

      bool feeds (Route *);
      set<Route *> fed_by;

      struct MIDIToggleControl : public MIDI::Controllable {
            enum ToggleType {
                  MuteControl = 0,
            MIDIToggleControl (Route&, ToggleType, MIDI::Port *);
            void set_value (float);
            void send_feedback (bool);
              MIDI::byte* write_feedback (MIDI::byte* buf, int32_t& bufsize, bool val, bool force = false);

            Route& route;
            ToggleType type;
            bool setting;
            bool last_written;

      MIDI::Controllable& midi_solo_control() {
            return _midi_solo_control;
      MIDI::Controllable& midi_mute_control() {
            return _midi_mute_control;
      virtual void reset_midi_control (MIDI::Port*, bool);
      virtual void send_all_midi_feedback ();
      virtual MIDI::byte* write_midi_feedback (MIDI::byte*, int32_t& bufsize);

      void automation_snapshot (jack_nframes_t now);
      friend class Session;

      void set_solo_mute (bool yn);
      void set_block_size (jack_nframes_t nframes);
      bool has_external_redirects() const;
      void curve_reallocate ();

      unsigned char _flags;

      /* tight cache-line access here is more important than sheer speed of

      bool                     _muted : 1;
      bool                     _soloed : 1;
      bool                     _solo_muted : 1;
      bool                     _solo_safe : 1;
      bool                     _phase_invert : 1;
      bool                     _recordable : 1;
      bool                     _active : 1;
      bool                     _mute_affects_pre_fader : 1;
      bool                     _mute_affects_post_fader : 1;
      bool                     _mute_affects_control_outs : 1;
      bool                     _mute_affects_main_outs : 1;
      bool                     _silent : 1;
      bool                     _declickable;
      MeterPoint               _meter_point;

      gain_t                    solo_gain;
      gain_t                    mute_gain;
      gain_t                    desired_solo_gain;
      gain_t                    desired_mute_gain;

      jack_nframes_t            check_initial_delay (jack_nframes_t, jack_nframes_t&);

      jack_nframes_t           _initial_delay;
      jack_nframes_t           _roll_delay;
      jack_nframes_t           _own_latency;
      RedirectList             _redirects;
      PBD::NonBlockingLock      redirect_lock;
      IO                      *_control_outs;
      PBD::NonBlockingLock      control_outs_lock;
      RouteGroup              *_edit_group;
      RouteGroup              *_mix_group;
      std::string              _comment;
      bool                     _have_internal_generator;

      MIDIToggleControl _midi_solo_control;
      MIDIToggleControl _midi_mute_control;
      void passthru (jack_nframes_t start_frame, jack_nframes_t end_frame, 
                   jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t offset, int declick, bool meter_inputs);

      void process_output_buffers (vector<Sample*>& bufs, uint32_t nbufs,
                             jack_nframes_t start_frame, jack_nframes_t end_frame,
                             jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t offset, bool with_redirects, int declick,
                             bool meter);

      /* for derived classes */

      virtual XMLNode& state(bool);

      void silence (jack_nframes_t nframes, jack_nframes_t offset);
      SigC::Connection input_signal_connection;

      state_id_t _current_state_id;
      uint32_t redirect_max_outs;

      uint32_t pans_required() const;
      uint32_t n_process_buffers ();

      void init ();

      static uint32_t order_key_cnt;
      typedef std::map<std::string,long> OrderKeys;
      OrderKeys order_keys;

      void input_change_handler (void *src);
      void output_change_handler (void *src);

      bool legal_redirect (Redirect&);
      int reset_plugin_counts (uint32_t*); /* locked */
      int _reset_plugin_counts (uint32_t*); /* unlocked */

      /* plugin count handling */

      struct InsertCount {
          ARDOUR::Insert& insert;
          int32_t cnt;
          int32_t in;
          int32_t out;

          InsertCount (ARDOUR::Insert& ins) : insert (ins), cnt (-1) {}
      int32_t apply_some_plugin_counts (std::list<InsertCount>& iclist);
      int32_t check_some_plugin_counts (std::list<InsertCount>& iclist, int32_t required_inputs, uint32_t* err_streams);

      void set_deferred_state ();
      void add_redirect_from_xml (const XMLNode&);

}; /* namespace ARDOUR*/

#endif /* __ardour_route_h__ */

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