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    Copyright (C) 2000 Paul Davis 

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


#ifndef __ardour_session_h__
#define __ardour_session_h__

#include <string>
#include <list>
#include <map>
#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include <stack>

#include <boost/weak_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/dynamic_bitset.hpp>

#include <stdint.h>

#include <sndfile.h>

#include <glibmm/thread.h>

#include <pbd/error.h>
#include <pbd/undo.h>
#include <pbd/pool.h>
#include <pbd/rcu.h>
#include <pbd/statefuldestructible.h>

#include <midi++/types.h>
#include <midi++/mmc.h>

#include <pbd/stateful.h> 
#include <pbd/destructible.h> 

#include <ardour/ardour.h>
#include <ardour/configuration.h>
#include <ardour/location.h>
#include <ardour/gain.h>
#include <ardour/io.h>

class XMLTree;
class XMLNode;
class AEffect;

namespace MIDI {
      class Port;

namespace PBD {
      class Controllable;

namespace ARDOUR {

class Port;
class AudioEngine;
class Slave;
class Diskstream; 
class AudioDiskstream;  
class Route;
class AuxInput;
class Source;
class AudioSource;
class AudioFileSource;
class Auditioner;
class Insert;
class Send;
class Redirect;
class PortInsert;
class PluginInsert;
class Connection;
class TempoMap;
class AudioTrack;
class NamedSelection;
class AudioRegion;
class Region;
class Playlist;
class VSTPlugin;
class ControlProtocolInfo;

struct AudioExportSpecification;
struct RouteGroup;

using std::vector;
using std::string;
using std::map;
using std::set;

class Session : public PBD::StatefulDestructible

      typedef std::pair<boost::weak_ptr<Route>,bool> RouteBooleanState;
      typedef vector<RouteBooleanState> GlobalRouteBooleanState;
      typedef std::pair<boost::weak_ptr<Route>,MeterPoint> RouteMeterState;
      typedef vector<RouteMeterState> GlobalRouteMeterState;

      enum RecordState {
            Disabled = 0,
            Enabled = 1,
            Recording = 2

      struct Event {
          enum Type {
                /* only one of each of these events
                   can be queued at any one time


          enum Action {

          Type           type;
          Action         action;
          nframes_t action_frame;
          nframes_t target_frame;
          float          speed;

          union {
                  void*                ptr;
                  bool                 yes_or_no;
                    nframes_t            target2_frame;
                  SlaveSource slave;

          boost::shared_ptr<Region>     region;

          list<AudioRange>     audio_range;
          list<MusicRange>     music_range;

          Event(Type t, Action a, nframes_t when, nframes_t where, float spd, bool yn = false)
                : type (t), 
                  action (a),
                  action_frame (when),
                  target_frame (where),
                  speed (spd),
                  yes_or_no (yn) {}

          void set_ptr (void* p) { 
                ptr = p;

          bool before (const Event& other) const {
                return action_frame < other.action_frame;

          bool after (const Event& other) const {
                return action_frame > other.action_frame;

          static bool compare (const Event *e1, const Event *e2) {
                return e1->before (*e2);

          void *operator new (size_t ignored) {
                return pool.alloc ();

          void operator delete(void *ptr, size_t size) {
                pool.release (ptr);

          static const nframes_t Immediate = 0;

          static MultiAllocSingleReleasePool pool;

      /* creating from an XML file */

      Session (AudioEngine&,
             const string& fullpath,
             const string& snapshot_name,
             string mix_template = "");

      /* creating a new Session */

      Session (AudioEngine&,
             string fullpath,
             string snapshot_name,
             AutoConnectOption input_auto_connect,
             AutoConnectOption output_auto_connect,
             uint32_t control_out_channels,
             uint32_t master_out_channels,
             uint32_t n_physical_in,
             uint32_t n_physical_out,
             nframes_t initial_length);
      virtual ~Session ();

      static int find_session (string str, string& path, string& snapshot, bool& isnew);
      string path() const { return _path; }
      string name() const { return _name; }
      string snap_name() const { return _current_snapshot_name; }
      string raid_path () const;
      string export_dir () const;

      void set_snap_name ();

      void set_dirty ();
      void set_clean ();
      bool dirty() const { return _state_of_the_state & Dirty; }
      void set_deletion_in_progress ();
      bool deletion_in_progress() const { return _state_of_the_state & Deletion; }
      sigc::signal<void> DirtyChanged;

      static sigc::signal<void> AutoBindingOn;
      static sigc::signal<void> AutoBindingOff;

      static sigc::signal<void,std::string> Dialog;
      std::string sound_dir (bool with_path = true) const;
      std::string peak_dir () const;
      std::string dead_sound_dir () const;
      std::string automation_dir () const;
      std::string analysis_dir() const;
      int ensure_subdirs ();

      Glib::ustring peak_path (Glib::ustring) const;

      static string suffixed_search_path (std::string suffix, bool data);
      static string control_protocol_path ();
      static string template_path ();
      static string template_dir ();
      static void get_template_list (list<string>&);
      static string change_audio_path_by_name (string oldpath, string oldname, string newname, bool destructive);
      string audio_path_from_name (string, uint32_t nchans, uint32_t chan, bool destructive);

      void process (nframes_t nframes);

      vector<Sample*>& get_passthru_buffers() { return _passthru_buffers; }
      vector<Sample*>& get_silent_buffers (uint32_t howmany);
      vector<Sample*>& get_send_buffers () { return _send_buffers; }

      void add_diskstream (boost::shared_ptr<Diskstream>);
      boost::shared_ptr<Diskstream> diskstream_by_id (const PBD::ID& id);
      boost::shared_ptr<Diskstream> diskstream_by_name (string name);

      bool have_captured() const { return _have_captured; }

      void refill_all_diskstream_buffers ();
      uint32_t diskstream_buffer_size() const { return dstream_buffer_size; }
      uint32_t get_next_diskstream_id() const { return n_diskstreams(); }
      uint32_t n_diskstreams() const;
      typedef std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Diskstream> > DiskstreamList;
      typedef std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Route> >      RouteList; 

      boost::shared_ptr<RouteList> get_routes() const {
            return routes.reader ();

      uint32_t nroutes() const { return routes.reader()->size(); }
      uint32_t ntracks () const;
      uint32_t nbusses () const;

      struct RoutePublicOrderSorter {
          bool operator() (boost::shared_ptr<Route>, boost::shared_ptr<Route> b);
      template<class T> void foreach_route (T *obj, void (T::*func)(Route&));
      template<class T> void foreach_route (T *obj, void (T::*func)(boost::shared_ptr<Route>));
      template<class T, class A> void foreach_route (T *obj, void (T::*func)(Route&, A), A arg);

      boost::shared_ptr<Route> route_by_name (string);
      boost::shared_ptr<Route> route_by_id (PBD::ID);
      boost::shared_ptr<Route> route_by_remote_id (uint32_t id);

      bool route_name_unique (string) const;

      bool get_record_enabled() const { 
            return (record_status () >= Enabled);

      RecordState record_status() const {
            return (RecordState) g_atomic_int_get (&_record_status);

      bool actively_recording () {
            return record_status() == Recording;

      bool record_enabling_legal () const;
      void maybe_enable_record ();
      void disable_record (bool rt_context, bool force = false);
      void step_back_from_record ();
      void maybe_write_autosave ();

      /* Proxy signal for region hidden changes */

      sigc::signal<void,boost::shared_ptr<Region> > RegionHiddenChange;

      /* Emitted when all i/o connections are complete */
      sigc::signal<void> IOConnectionsComplete;
      /* Record status signals */

      sigc::signal<void> RecordStateChanged;

      /* Transport mechanism signals */

      sigc::signal<void> TransportStateChange; /* generic */
      sigc::signal<void,nframes_t> PositionChanged; /* sent after any non-sequential motion */
      sigc::signal<void> DurationChanged;
      sigc::signal<void,nframes_t> Xrun;
      sigc::signal<void> TransportLooped;

      sigc::signal<void,RouteList&> RouteAdded;

      void request_roll_at_and_return (nframes_t start, nframes_t return_to);
      void request_bounded_roll (nframes_t start, nframes_t end);
      void request_stop (bool abort = false);
      void request_locate (nframes_t frame, bool with_roll = false);

      void request_play_loop (bool yn);
      bool get_play_loop () const { return play_loop; }

      nframes_t  last_transport_start() const { return _last_roll_location; }
      void goto_end ()   { request_locate (end_location->start(), false);}
      void goto_start () { request_locate (start_location->start(), false); }
      void set_session_start (nframes_t start) { start_location->set_start(start); }
      void set_session_end (nframes_t end) { end_location->set_start(end); _end_location_is_free = false; }
      void use_rf_shuttle_speed ();
      void allow_auto_play (bool yn);
      void request_transport_speed (float speed);
      void request_overwrite_buffer (Diskstream*);
      void request_diskstream_speed (Diskstream&, float speed);
      void request_input_change_handling ();

      bool locate_pending() const { return static_cast<bool>(post_transport_work&PostTransportLocate); }
      bool transport_locked () const;

      int wipe ();

      int remove_region_from_region_list (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);

      nframes_t get_maximum_extent () const;
      nframes_t current_end_frame() const { return end_location->start(); }
      nframes_t current_start_frame() const { return start_location->start(); }
      // "actual" sample rate of session, set by current audioengine rate, pullup/down etc.
      nframes_t frame_rate() const   { return _current_frame_rate; }
      // "native" sample rate of session, regardless of current audioengine rate, pullup/down etc
      nframes_t nominal_frame_rate() const   { return _nominal_frame_rate; }
      nframes_t frames_per_hour() const { return _frames_per_hour; }

      double frames_per_smpte_frame() const { return _frames_per_smpte_frame; }
      nframes_t smpte_frames_per_hour() const { return _smpte_frames_per_hour; }

      float smpte_frames_per_second() const;
      bool smpte_drop_frames() const;

      /* Locations */

      Locations *locations() { return &_locations; }

      sigc::signal<void,Location*>    auto_loop_location_changed;
      sigc::signal<void,Location*>    auto_punch_location_changed;
      sigc::signal<void>              locations_modified;

      void set_auto_punch_location (Location *);
      void set_auto_loop_location (Location *);
      int location_name(string& result, string base = string(""));

      void reset_input_monitor_state ();

      void add_event (nframes_t action_frame, Event::Type type, nframes_t target_frame = 0);
      void remove_event (nframes_t frame, Event::Type type);
      void clear_events (Event::Type type);

      nframes_t get_block_size() const { return current_block_size; }
      nframes_t worst_output_latency () const { return _worst_output_latency; }
      nframes_t worst_input_latency () const { return _worst_input_latency; }
      nframes_t worst_track_latency () const { return _worst_track_latency; }

      int save_state (string snapshot_name, bool pending = false);
      int restore_state (string snapshot_name);
      int save_template (string template_name);
        int save_history (string snapshot_name = "");
        int restore_history (string snapshot_name);
      void remove_state (string snapshot_name);
      void rename_state (string old_name, string new_name);
      void remove_pending_capture_state ();

      static int rename_template (string old_name, string new_name);

      static int delete_template (string name);
      sigc::signal<void,string> StateSaved;
      sigc::signal<void> StateReady;

      vector<string*>* possible_states() const;
      static vector<string*>* possible_states(string path);

      XMLNode& get_state();
      int      set_state(const XMLNode& node); // not idempotent
      XMLNode& get_template();
      void add_instant_xml (XMLNode&, const std::string& dir);

      enum StateOfTheState {
            Clean = 0x0,
            Dirty = 0x1,
            CannotSave = 0x2,
            Deletion = 0x4,
            InitialConnecting = 0x8,
            Loading = 0x10,
            InCleanup = 0x20

      StateOfTheState state_of_the_state() const { return _state_of_the_state; }

      RouteGroup* add_edit_group (string);
      RouteGroup* add_mix_group (string);

      void remove_edit_group (RouteGroup&);
      void remove_mix_group (RouteGroup&);

      RouteGroup *mix_group_by_name (string);
      RouteGroup *edit_group_by_name (string);

      sigc::signal<void,RouteGroup*> edit_group_added;
      sigc::signal<void,RouteGroup*> mix_group_added;
      sigc::signal<void> edit_group_removed;
      sigc::signal<void> mix_group_removed;

      void foreach_edit_group (sigc::slot<void,RouteGroup*> sl) {
            for (list<RouteGroup *>::iterator i = edit_groups.begin(); i != edit_groups.end(); i++) {
                  sl (*i);

      void foreach_mix_group (sigc::slot<void,RouteGroup*> sl) {
            for (list<RouteGroup *>::iterator i = mix_groups.begin(); i != mix_groups.end(); i++) {
                  sl (*i);

      /* fundamental operations. duh. */

      std::list<boost::shared_ptr<AudioTrack> > new_audio_track (int input_channels, int output_channels, TrackMode mode = Normal, uint32_t how_many = 1);
      RouteList new_audio_route (int input_channels, int output_channels, uint32_t how_many);

      void   remove_route (boost::shared_ptr<Route>);

      void   resort_routes ();
      void   resort_routes_using (boost::shared_ptr<RouteList>);

      void  set_remote_control_ids();

      AudioEngine &engine() { return _engine; };

      int32_t  max_level;
      int32_t  min_level;

      /* Time */

      nframes_t transport_frame () const {return _transport_frame; }
      nframes_t audible_frame () const;
      nframes64_t requested_return_frame() const { return _requested_return_frame; }

      enum PullupFormat {

      int  set_smpte_format (SmpteFormat);
      void sync_time_vars();

      void bbt_time (nframes_t when, BBT_Time&);
      void smpte_to_sample( SMPTE::Time& smpte, nframes_t& sample, bool use_offset, bool use_subframes ) const;
      void sample_to_smpte( nframes_t sample, SMPTE::Time& smpte, bool use_offset, bool use_subframes ) const;
      void smpte_time (SMPTE::Time &);
      void smpte_time (nframes_t when, SMPTE::Time&);
      void smpte_time_subframes (nframes_t when, SMPTE::Time&);

      void smpte_duration (nframes_t, SMPTE::Time&) const;
      void smpte_duration_string (char *, nframes_t) const;

      void           set_smpte_offset (nframes_t);
      nframes_t smpte_offset () const { return _smpte_offset; }
      void           set_smpte_offset_negative (bool);
      bool           smpte_offset_negative () const { return _smpte_offset_negative; }

      nframes_t convert_to_frames_at (nframes_t position, AnyTime&);

      static sigc::signal<void> StartTimeChanged;
      static sigc::signal<void> EndTimeChanged;
      static sigc::signal<void> SMPTEOffsetChanged;

      void        request_slave_source (SlaveSource);
      bool        synced_to_jack() const { return Config->get_slave_source() == JACK; }

      float       transport_speed() const { return _transport_speed; }
      bool        transport_stopped() const { return _transport_speed == 0.0f; }
      bool        transport_rolling() const { return _transport_speed != 0.0f; }

      void set_silent (bool yn);
      bool silent () { return _silent; }

      int jack_slave_sync (nframes_t);

      TempoMap& tempo_map() { return *_tempo_map; }
      /* region info  */

      void add_regions (std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<Region> >&);

      sigc::signal<void,boost::weak_ptr<AudioRegion> > AudioRegionAdded;
      sigc::signal<void,std::vector<boost::weak_ptr<AudioRegion> >& > AudioRegionsAdded;
      sigc::signal<void,boost::weak_ptr<AudioRegion> > AudioRegionRemoved;

      int region_name (string& result, string base = string(""), bool newlevel = false);
      string new_region_name (string);
      string path_from_region_name (string name, string identifier);

      boost::shared_ptr<AudioRegion> find_whole_file_parent (boost::shared_ptr<AudioRegion const>);
      void find_equivalent_playlist_regions (boost::shared_ptr<Region>, std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<Region> >& result);

      boost::shared_ptr<AudioRegion> XMLRegionFactory (const XMLNode&, bool full);

      template<class T> void foreach_audio_region (T *obj, void (T::*func)(boost::shared_ptr<AudioRegion>));

      /* source management */

      struct import_status : public InterThreadInfo {
          string doing_what;
          /* control info */
          SrcQuality quality;
          volatile bool freeze;
          std::vector<Glib::ustring> paths;
          bool replace_existing_source;
          /* result */
          SourceList sources;

      void import_audiofiles (import_status&);
      bool sample_rate_convert (import_status&, string infile, string& outfile);
      string build_tmp_convert_name (string file);

      SlaveSource post_export_slave;
      nframes_t post_export_position;

      int  pre_export ();
      int  start_audio_export (ARDOUR::AudioExportSpecification&);
      int  stop_audio_export (ARDOUR::AudioExportSpecification&);
      void finalize_audio_export ();
      static sigc::signal<void, std::string, std::string> Exported;

      void add_source (boost::shared_ptr<Source>);
      void remove_source (boost::weak_ptr<Source>);

      struct cleanup_report {
          vector<string> paths;
          int64_t space;

      int  cleanup_sources (cleanup_report&);
      int  cleanup_trash_sources (cleanup_report&);

      int destroy_region (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);
      int destroy_regions (std::list<boost::shared_ptr<Region> >);

      int remove_last_capture ();

      /* handlers should return -1 for "stop cleanup", 0 for
         "yes, delete this playlist" and 1 for "no, don't delete
         this playlist.
      sigc::signal<int,boost::shared_ptr<ARDOUR::Playlist> > AskAboutPlaylistDeletion;

      /* handlers should return 0 for "ignore the rate mismatch"
         and !0 for "do not use this session"

      static sigc::signal<int,nframes_t, nframes_t> AskAboutSampleRateMismatch;

      /* handlers should return !0 for use pending state, 0 for
         ignore it.

      static sigc::signal<int> AskAboutPendingState;
      boost::shared_ptr<AudioFileSource> create_audio_source_for_session (ARDOUR::AudioDiskstream&, uint32_t which_channel, bool destructive);

      boost::shared_ptr<Source> source_by_id (const PBD::ID&);
      boost::shared_ptr<Source> source_by_path_and_channel (const Glib::ustring&, uint16_t);

      /* playlist management */

      boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> playlist_by_name (string name);
      void add_playlist (boost::shared_ptr<Playlist>);
      sigc::signal<void,boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> > PlaylistAdded;
      sigc::signal<void,boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> > PlaylistRemoved;

      uint32_t n_playlists() const;

      template<class T> void foreach_playlist (T *obj, void (T::*func)(boost::shared_ptr<Playlist>));
      void get_playlists (std::vector<boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> >&);

      /* named selections */

      NamedSelection* named_selection_by_name (string name);
      void add_named_selection (NamedSelection *);
      void remove_named_selection (NamedSelection *);

      template<class T> void foreach_named_selection (T& obj, void (T::*func)(NamedSelection&));
      sigc::signal<void> NamedSelectionAdded;
      sigc::signal<void> NamedSelectionRemoved;

        /* Curves and AutomationLists (TODO when they go away) */
        void add_curve(Curve*);
        void add_automation_list(AutomationList*);

      /* fade curves */

      float get_default_fade_length () const { return default_fade_msecs; }
      float get_default_fade_steepness () const { return default_fade_steepness; }
      void set_default_fade (float steepness, float msecs);

      /* auditioning */

      boost::shared_ptr<Auditioner> the_auditioner() { return auditioner; }
      void audition_playlist ();
      void audition_region (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);
      void cancel_audition ();
      bool is_auditioning () const;
      sigc::signal<void,bool> AuditionActive;

      /* flattening stuff */

      boost::shared_ptr<Region> write_one_audio_track (AudioTrack&, nframes_t start, nframes_t end, bool overwrite, vector<boost::shared_ptr<AudioSource> >&,
                                           InterThreadInfo& wot);
      int freeze (InterThreadInfo&);

      /* session-wide solo/mute/rec-enable */
      bool soloing() const { return currently_soloing; }

      void set_all_solo (bool);
      void set_all_mute (bool);

      sigc::signal<void,bool> SoloActive;
      sigc::signal<void> SoloChanged;
      void record_disenable_all ();
      void record_enable_all ();

      /* control/master out */

      boost::shared_ptr<IO> control_out() const { return _control_out; }
      boost::shared_ptr<IO> master_out() const { return _master_out; }

      /* insert/send management */
      uint32_t n_port_inserts() const { return _port_inserts.size(); }
      uint32_t n_plugin_inserts() const { return _plugin_inserts.size(); }
      uint32_t n_sends() const { return _sends.size(); }

      static void set_disable_all_loaded_plugins (bool yn) { 
            _disable_all_loaded_plugins = yn;
      static bool get_disable_all_loaded_plugins() { 
            return _disable_all_loaded_plugins;

      uint32_t next_send_id();
      uint32_t next_insert_id();
      void mark_send_id (uint32_t);
      void mark_insert_id (uint32_t);

      /* s/w "RAID" management */
      nframes_t available_capture_duration();

      /* I/O Connections */

      template<class T> void foreach_connection (T *obj, void (T::*func)(Connection *));
      void add_connection (Connection *);
      void remove_connection (Connection *);
      Connection *connection_by_name (string) const;

      sigc::signal<void,Connection *> ConnectionAdded;
      sigc::signal<void,Connection *> ConnectionRemoved;

      /* MIDI */

      int set_mtc_port (string port_tag);
      int set_mmc_port (string port_tag);
      int set_midi_port (string port_tag);
      MIDI::Port *mtc_port() const { return _mtc_port; }
      MIDI::Port *mmc_port() const { return _mmc_port; }
      MIDI::Port *midi_port() const { return _midi_port; }

      sigc::signal<void> MTC_PortChanged;
      sigc::signal<void> MMC_PortChanged;
      sigc::signal<void> MIDI_PortChanged;

      void set_trace_midi_input (bool, MIDI::Port* port = 0);
      void set_trace_midi_output (bool, MIDI::Port* port = 0);

      bool get_trace_midi_input(MIDI::Port *port = 0);
      bool get_trace_midi_output(MIDI::Port *port = 0);
      void send_midi_message (MIDI::Port * port, MIDI::eventType ev, MIDI::channel_t, MIDI::EventTwoBytes);

      void deliver_midi (MIDI::Port*, MIDI::byte*, int32_t size);

      void set_mmc_receive_device_id (uint32_t id);
      void set_mmc_send_device_id (uint32_t id);
      /* Scrubbing */

      void start_scrub (nframes_t where);
      void stop_scrub ();
      void set_scrub_speed (float);
      nframes_t scrub_buffer_size() const;
      sigc::signal<void> ScrubReady;

      /* History (for editors, mixers, UIs etc.) */

      void undo (uint32_t n) {
            _history.undo (n);

      void redo (uint32_t n) {
            _history.redo (n);

      UndoHistory& history() { return _history; }
      uint32_t undo_depth() const { return _history.undo_depth(); }
      uint32_t redo_depth() const { return _history.redo_depth(); }
      string next_undo() const { return _history.next_undo(); }
      string next_redo() const { return _history.next_redo(); }

      void begin_reversible_command (string cmd_name);
      void commit_reversible_command (Command* cmd = 0);

      void add_command (Command *const cmd) {
            current_trans->add_command (cmd);

      std::map<PBD::ID, PBD::StatefulThingWithGoingAway*> registry;

        // these commands are implemented in libs/ardour/session_command.cc
      Command* memento_command_factory(XMLNode* n);
        void register_with_memento_command_factory(PBD::ID, PBD::StatefulThingWithGoingAway*);

      Command* global_state_command_factory (const XMLNode& n);

      class GlobalRouteStateCommand : public Command
            GlobalRouteStateCommand (Session&, void*);
            GlobalRouteStateCommand (Session&, const XMLNode& node);
            int set_state (const XMLNode&);
            XMLNode& get_state ();

            GlobalRouteBooleanState before, after;
            Session& sess;
            void* src;

        class GlobalSoloStateCommand : public GlobalRouteStateCommand
            GlobalSoloStateCommand (Session &, void *src);
            GlobalSoloStateCommand (Session&, const XMLNode&);
            void operator()(); //redo
            void undo();
            XMLNode &get_state();
            void mark();

        class GlobalMuteStateCommand : public GlobalRouteStateCommand
            GlobalMuteStateCommand(Session &, void *src);
            GlobalMuteStateCommand (Session&, const XMLNode&);
            void operator()(); // redo
            void undo();
            XMLNode &get_state();
            void mark();

        class GlobalRecordEnableStateCommand : public GlobalRouteStateCommand
            GlobalRecordEnableStateCommand(Session &, void *src);
            GlobalRecordEnableStateCommand (Session&, const XMLNode&);
            void operator()(); // redo
            void undo();
            XMLNode &get_state();
            void mark();

        class GlobalMeteringStateCommand : public Command
            GlobalMeteringStateCommand(Session &, void *src);
            GlobalMeteringStateCommand (Session&, const XMLNode&);
            void operator()();
            void undo();
            XMLNode &get_state();
            int set_state (const XMLNode&);
            void mark();

            Session& sess;
            void* src;
            GlobalRouteMeterState before;
            GlobalRouteMeterState after;

      /* clicking */

      boost::shared_ptr<IO>  click_io() { return _click_io; }
      /* disk, buffer loads */

      uint32_t playback_load ();
      uint32_t capture_load ();
      uint32_t playback_load_min ();
      uint32_t capture_load_min ();

      void reset_playback_load_min ();
      void reset_capture_load_min ();
      float read_data_rate () const; // in usec
      float write_data_rate () const;

      /* ranges */

      void set_audio_range (list<AudioRange>&);
      void set_music_range (list<MusicRange>&);

      void request_play_range (bool yn);
      bool get_play_range () const { return _play_range; }

      /* favorite dirs */
      typedef vector<string> FavoriteDirs;

      static int read_favorite_dirs (FavoriteDirs&);

      static int write_favorite_dirs (FavoriteDirs&);
      /* file suffixes */

      static const char* template_suffix() { return _template_suffix; }
      static const char* statefile_suffix() { return _statefile_suffix; }
      static const char* pending_suffix() { return _pending_suffix; }

      /* buffers for gain and pan */

      gain_t* gain_automation_buffer () const { return _gain_automation_buffer; }
      pan_t** pan_automation_buffer() const { return _pan_automation_buffer; }

      /* buffers for conversion */
      enum RunContext {
            ButlerContext = 0,
      /* VST support */

      static long vst_callback (AEffect* effect,
                          long opcode,
                          long index,
                          long value,
                          void* ptr,
                          float opt);

      typedef float (*compute_peak_t)                 (Sample *, nframes_t, float);
      typedef void  (*find_peaks_t)                   (Sample *, nframes_t, float *, float*);
      typedef void  (*apply_gain_to_buffer_t)         (Sample *, nframes_t, float);
      typedef void  (*mix_buffers_with_gain_t)  (Sample *, Sample *, nframes_t, float);
      typedef void  (*mix_buffers_no_gain_t)          (Sample *, Sample *, nframes_t);

      static compute_peak_t         compute_peak;
      static find_peaks_t             find_peaks;
      static apply_gain_to_buffer_t apply_gain_to_buffer;
      static mix_buffers_with_gain_t      mix_buffers_with_gain;
      static mix_buffers_no_gain_t  mix_buffers_no_gain;

      static sigc::signal<void> SendFeedback;

      /* Controllables */

      PBD::Controllable* controllable_by_id (const PBD::ID&);

      void add_controllable (PBD::Controllable*);
      void remove_controllable (PBD::Controllable*);

      friend class AudioEngine;
      void set_block_size (nframes_t nframes);
      void set_frame_rate (nframes_t nframes);

      friend class Diskstream;
      void stop_butler ();
      void wait_till_butler_finished();

      friend class Route;
      void schedule_curve_reallocation ();
      void update_latency_compensation (bool, bool);
      int  create (bool& new_session, const string& mix_template, nframes_t initial_length);
      void destroy ();

      nframes_t compute_initial_length ();

      static const char* _template_suffix;
      static const char* _statefile_suffix;
      static const char* _pending_suffix;

      enum SubState {
            PendingDeclickIn   = 0x1,
            PendingDeclickOut  = 0x2,
            StopPendingCapture = 0x4,
            AutoReturning      = 0x10,
            PendingLocate      = 0x20,
            PendingSetLoop     = 0x40

      /* stuff used in process() should be close together to
         maximise cache hits

      typedef void (Session::*process_function_type)(nframes_t);

      AudioEngine&            _engine;
      mutable gint             processing_prohibited;
      process_function_type    process_function;
      process_function_type    last_process_function;
      bool                     waiting_for_sync_offset;
      nframes_t               _base_frame_rate;
      nframes_t               _current_frame_rate;  //this includes video pullup offset
      nframes_t               _nominal_frame_rate;  //ignores audioengine setting, "native" SR
      int                      transport_sub_state;
      mutable gint            _record_status;
      volatile nframes_t      _transport_frame;
      Location*                end_location;
      Location*                start_location;
      Slave*                  _slave;
      bool                    _silent;
      volatile float          _transport_speed;
      volatile float          _desired_transport_speed;
      float                   _last_transport_speed;
      bool                     auto_play_legal;
      nframes_t               _last_slave_transport_frame;
      nframes_t                maximum_output_latency;
      nframes_t                last_stop_frame;
      volatile nframes64_t    _requested_return_frame;
      vector<Sample *>        _passthru_buffers;
      vector<Sample *>        _silent_buffers;
      vector<Sample *>        _send_buffers;
      nframes_t                current_block_size;
      nframes_t               _worst_output_latency;
      nframes_t               _worst_input_latency;
      nframes_t               _worst_track_latency;
      bool                    _have_captured;
      float                   _meter_hold;
      float                   _meter_falloff;
      bool                    _end_location_is_free;

      void set_worst_io_latencies ();
      void set_worst_io_latencies_x (IOChange asifwecare, void *ignored) {
            set_worst_io_latencies ();

      void update_latency_compensation_proxy (void* ignored);

      void ensure_passthru_buffers (uint32_t howmany);
      void process_scrub          (nframes_t);
      void process_without_events (nframes_t);
      void process_with_events    (nframes_t);
      void process_audition       (nframes_t);
      int  process_export         (nframes_t, ARDOUR::AudioExportSpecification*);
      /* slave tracking */

      static const int delta_accumulator_size = 25;
      int delta_accumulator_cnt;
      long delta_accumulator[delta_accumulator_size];
      long average_slave_delta;
      int  average_dir;
      bool have_first_delta_accumulator;
      enum SlaveState {
      SlaveState slave_state;
      nframes_t slave_wait_end;

      void reset_slave_state ();
      bool follow_slave (nframes_t, nframes_t);
      void set_slave_source (SlaveSource);

      bool _exporting;
      int  prepare_to_export (ARDOUR::AudioExportSpecification&);

      void prepare_diskstreams ();
      void commit_diskstreams (nframes_t, bool& session_requires_butler);
      int  process_routes (nframes_t, nframes_t);
      int  silent_process_routes (nframes_t, nframes_t);

      bool get_rec_monitors_input () {
            if (actively_recording()) {
                  return true;
            } else {
                  if (Config->get_auto_input()) {
                        return false;
                  } else {
                        return true;

      int get_transport_declick_required () {

            if (transport_sub_state & PendingDeclickIn) {
                  transport_sub_state &= ~PendingDeclickIn;
                  return 1;
            } else if (transport_sub_state & PendingDeclickOut) {
                  return -1;
            } else {
                  return 0;

      bool maybe_stop (nframes_t limit) {
            if ((_transport_speed > 0.0f && _transport_frame >= limit) || (_transport_speed < 0.0f && _transport_frame == 0)) {
                  stop_transport ();
                  return true;
            return false;

      bool maybe_sync_start (nframes_t&, nframes_t&);

      void check_declick_out ();

      MIDI::MachineControl*    mmc;
      MIDI::Port*             _mmc_port;
      MIDI::Port*             _mtc_port;
      MIDI::Port*             _midi_port;
      string                  _path;
      string                  _name;
      bool                     session_send_mmc;
      bool                     session_send_mtc;
      bool                     session_midi_feedback;
      bool                     play_loop;
      bool                     loop_changing;
      nframes_t           last_loopend;

      RingBuffer<Event*> pending_events;

      void hookup_io ();
      void when_engine_running ();
      void graph_reordered ();

      string _current_snapshot_name;

      XMLTree* state_tree;
      bool     state_was_pending;
      StateOfTheState _state_of_the_state;

      void     auto_save();
      int      load_options (const XMLNode&);
      XMLNode& get_options () const;
      int      load_state (string snapshot_name);
      bool     save_config_options_predicate (ConfigVariableBase::Owner owner) const;

      nframes_t   _last_roll_location;
      nframes_t   _last_record_location;
      bool              pending_locate_roll;
      nframes_t    pending_locate_frame;

      bool              pending_locate_flush;
      bool              pending_abort;
      bool              pending_auto_loop;
      Sample*           butler_mixdown_buffer;
      float*            butler_gain_buffer;
      pthread_t         butler_thread;
      Glib::Mutex       butler_request_lock;
        Glib::Cond        butler_paused;
      bool              butler_should_run;
      mutable gint      butler_should_do_transport_work;
      int               butler_request_pipe[2];

      inline bool transport_work_requested() const { return g_atomic_int_get(&butler_should_do_transport_work); }
      struct ButlerRequest {
          enum Type {

      enum PostTransportWork {
            PostTransportStop               = 0x1,
            PostTransportDisableRecord      = 0x2,
            PostTransportPosition           = 0x8,
            PostTransportDidRecord          = 0x20,
            PostTransportDuration           = 0x40,
            PostTransportLocate             = 0x80,
            PostTransportRoll               = 0x200,
            PostTransportAbort              = 0x800,
            PostTransportOverWrite          = 0x1000,
            PostTransportSpeed              = 0x2000,
            PostTransportAudition           = 0x4000,
            PostTransportScrub              = 0x8000,
            PostTransportReverse            = 0x10000,
            PostTransportInputChange        = 0x20000,
            PostTransportCurveRealloc       = 0x40000
      static const PostTransportWork ProcessCannotProceedMask = 
            PostTransportWork (PostTransportInputChange|
      PostTransportWork post_transport_work;

      void             summon_butler ();
      void             schedule_butler_transport_work ();
      int              start_butler_thread ();
      void             terminate_butler_thread ();
      static void    *_butler_thread_work (void *arg);
      void*            butler_thread_work ();

      uint32_t    cumulative_rf_motion;
      uint32_t    rf_scale;

      void set_rf_speed (float speed);
      void reset_rf_scale (nframes_t frames_moved);

      Locations        _locations;
      void              locations_changed ();
      void              locations_added (Location*);
      void              handle_locations_changed (Locations::LocationList&);

      sigc::connection auto_punch_start_changed_connection;
      sigc::connection auto_punch_end_changed_connection;
      sigc::connection auto_punch_changed_connection;
      void             auto_punch_start_changed (Location *);
      void             auto_punch_end_changed (Location *);
      void             auto_punch_changed (Location *);

      sigc::connection auto_loop_start_changed_connection;
      sigc::connection auto_loop_end_changed_connection;
      sigc::connection auto_loop_changed_connection;
      void             auto_loop_changed (Location *);

      typedef list<Event *> Events;
      Events           events;
      Events           immediate_events;
      Events::iterator next_event;

      /* there can only ever be one of each of these */

      Event *auto_loop_event;
      Event *punch_out_event;
      Event *punch_in_event;

      /* events */

      void dump_events () const;
      void queue_event (Event *ev);
      void merge_event (Event*);
      void replace_event (Event::Type, nframes_t action_frame, nframes_t target = 0);
      bool _replace_event (Event*);
      bool _remove_event (Event *);
      void _clear_event_type (Event::Type);

      void first_stage_init (string path, string snapshot_name);
      int  second_stage_init (bool new_tracks);
      void find_current_end ();
      void remove_empty_sounds ();

      void setup_midi_control ();
      int  midi_read (MIDI::Port *);

      void enable_record ();
      void increment_transport_position (uint32_t val) {
            if (max_frames - val < _transport_frame) {
                  _transport_frame = max_frames;
            } else {
                  _transport_frame += val;

      void decrement_transport_position (uint32_t val) {
            if (val < _transport_frame) {
                  _transport_frame -= val;
            } else {
                  _transport_frame = 0;

      void post_transport_motion ();
      static void *session_loader_thread (void *arg);

      void *do_work();

      void set_next_event ();
      void process_event (Event *);

      /* MIDI Machine Control */

      void deliver_mmc (MIDI::MachineControl::Command, nframes_t);
      void deliver_midi_message (MIDI::Port * port, MIDI::eventType ev, MIDI::channel_t, MIDI::EventTwoBytes);
      void deliver_data (MIDI::Port* port, MIDI::byte*, int32_t size);

      void spp_start (MIDI::Parser&);
      void spp_continue (MIDI::Parser&);
      void spp_stop (MIDI::Parser&);

      void mmc_deferred_play (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_stop (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_step (MIDI::MachineControl &, int);
      void mmc_pause (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_record_pause (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_record_strobe (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_record_exit (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_track_record_status (MIDI::MachineControl &, uint32_t track, bool enabled);
      void mmc_fast_forward (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_rewind (MIDI::MachineControl &);
      void mmc_locate (MIDI::MachineControl &, const MIDI::byte *);
      void mmc_shuttle (MIDI::MachineControl &mmc, float speed, bool forw);
      void mmc_record_enable (MIDI::MachineControl &mmc, size_t track, bool enabled);

      struct timeval last_mmc_step;
      double step_speed;

      typedef sigc::slot<bool> MidiTimeoutCallback;
      typedef list<MidiTimeoutCallback> MidiTimeoutList;

      MidiTimeoutList midi_timeouts;
      bool mmc_step_timeout ();

      MIDI::byte mmc_buffer[32];
      MIDI::byte mtc_msg[16];
      MIDI::byte mtc_smpte_bits;   /* encoding of SMTPE type for MTC */
      MIDI::byte midi_msg[16];
      nframes_t  outbound_mtc_smpte_frame;
      SMPTE::Time transmitting_smpte_time;
      int next_quarter_frame_to_send;
      double _frames_per_smpte_frame; /* has to be floating point because of drop frame */
      nframes_t _frames_per_hour;
      nframes_t _smpte_frames_per_hour;
      nframes_t _smpte_offset;
      bool _smpte_offset_negative;

      /* cache the most-recently requested time conversions.
         this helps when we have multiple clocks showing the
         same time (e.g. the transport frame)

      bool       last_smpte_valid;
      nframes_t  last_smpte_when;
      SMPTE::Time last_smpte;

      int send_full_time_code ();
      int send_midi_time_code ();

      void send_full_time_code_in_another_thread ();
      void send_midi_time_code_in_another_thread ();
      void send_time_code_in_another_thread (bool full);
      void send_mmc_in_another_thread (MIDI::MachineControl::Command, nframes_t frame = 0);

      nframes_t adjust_apparent_position (nframes_t frames);
      void reset_record_status ();
      int no_roll (nframes_t nframes, nframes_t offset);
      bool non_realtime_work_pending() const { return static_cast<bool>(post_transport_work); }
      bool process_can_proceed() const { return !(post_transport_work & ProcessCannotProceedMask); }

      struct MIDIRequest {
          enum Type {
          Type type;
          MIDI::MachineControl::Command mmc_cmd;
          nframes_t locate_frame;

          // for SendMessage type

          MIDI::Port * port;
          MIDI::channel_t chan;
          union {
            MIDI::EventTwoBytes data;
            MIDI::byte* buf;

          union { 
            MIDI::eventType ev;
            int32_t size;

          MIDIRequest () {}
          void *operator new(size_t ignored) {
                return pool.alloc ();

          void operator delete(void *ptr, size_t size) {
                pool.release (ptr);

          static MultiAllocSingleReleasePool pool;

      Glib::Mutex       midi_lock;
      pthread_t       midi_thread;
      int             midi_request_pipe[2];
      mutable  gint   butler_active;
      RingBuffer<MIDIRequest*> midi_requests;

      int           start_midi_thread ();
      void          terminate_midi_thread ();
      void          poke_midi_thread ();
      static void *_midi_thread_work (void *arg);
      void          midi_thread_work ();
      void          change_midi_ports ();
      int           use_config_midi_ports ();

      bool waiting_to_start;

      void set_play_loop (bool yn);
      void overwrite_some_buffers (Diskstream*);
      void flush_all_redirects ();
      int  micro_locate (nframes_t distance);
      void locate (nframes_t, bool with_roll, bool with_flush, bool with_loop=false);
      void start_locate (nframes_t, bool with_roll, bool with_flush, bool with_loop=false);
      void force_locate (nframes_t frame, bool with_roll = false);
      void set_diskstream_speed (Diskstream*, float speed);
      void set_transport_speed (float speed, bool abort = false);
      void stop_transport (bool abort = false);
      void start_transport ();
      void actually_start_transport ();
      void realtime_stop (bool abort);
      void non_realtime_start_scrub ();
      void non_realtime_set_speed ();
      void non_realtime_stop (bool abort, int entry_request_count, bool& finished);
      void non_realtime_overwrite (int entry_request_count, bool& finished);
      void butler_transport_work ();
      void post_transport ();
      void engine_halted ();
      void xrun_recovery ();

      TempoMap    *_tempo_map;
      void          tempo_map_changed (Change);

      /* edit/mix groups */

      int load_route_groups (const XMLNode&, bool is_edit);
      int load_edit_groups (const XMLNode&);
      int load_mix_groups (const XMLNode&);

      list<RouteGroup *> edit_groups;
      list<RouteGroup *> mix_groups;

      /* disk-streams */

      SerializedRCUManager<DiskstreamList>  diskstreams; 

      uint32_t dstream_buffer_size;
      int  load_diskstreams (const XMLNode&);

      /* routes stuff */

      SerializedRCUManager<RouteList>  routes;

      void   add_routes (RouteList&, bool save);
      uint32_t destructive_index;

      int load_routes (const XMLNode&);
      boost::shared_ptr<Route> XMLRouteFactory (const XMLNode&);

      /* mixer stuff */

      bool       solo_update_disabled;
      bool       currently_soloing;
      void route_mute_changed (void *src);
      void route_solo_changed (void *src, boost::weak_ptr<Route>);
      void catch_up_on_solo ();
      void update_route_solo_state ();
      void modify_solo_mute (bool, bool);
      void strip_portname_for_solo (string& portname);


      std::map<std::string,uint32_t> region_name_map;
      void update_region_name_map (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);

      mutable Glib::Mutex region_lock;
      typedef map<PBD::ID,boost::shared_ptr<AudioRegion> > AudioRegionList;
      AudioRegionList audio_regions;
      void add_region (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);
      void region_changed (Change, boost::weak_ptr<Region>);
      void remove_region (boost::weak_ptr<Region>);

      int load_regions (const XMLNode& node);

      /* SOURCES */
      mutable Glib::Mutex audio_source_lock;
      typedef std::map<PBD::ID,boost::shared_ptr<AudioSource> > AudioSourceList;

      AudioSourceList audio_sources;

      AudioSourceList get_audio_sources() { return audio_sources; }

      int load_sources (const XMLNode& node);
      XMLNode& get_sources_as_xml ();

      boost::shared_ptr<Source> XMLSourceFactory (const XMLNode&);

      /* PLAYLISTS */
      mutable Glib::Mutex playlist_lock;
      typedef set<boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> > PlaylistList;
      PlaylistList playlists;
      PlaylistList unused_playlists;

      int load_playlists (const XMLNode&);
      int load_unused_playlists (const XMLNode&);
      void remove_playlist (boost::weak_ptr<Playlist>);
      void track_playlist (bool, boost::weak_ptr<Playlist>);

      boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> playlist_factory (string name);
      boost::shared_ptr<Playlist> XMLPlaylistFactory (const XMLNode&);

      void playlist_length_changed ();
      void diskstream_playlist_changed (boost::weak_ptr<Diskstream>);


      mutable Glib::Mutex named_selection_lock;
      typedef set<NamedSelection *> NamedSelectionList;
      NamedSelectionList named_selections;

      int load_named_selections (const XMLNode&);

      NamedSelection *named_selection_factory (string name);
      NamedSelection *XMLNamedSelectionFactory (const XMLNode&);

        std::map<PBD::ID, Curve*> curves;
        std::map<PBD::ID, AutomationList*> automation_lists;


      float default_fade_steepness;
      float default_fade_msecs;

      /* AUDITIONING */

      boost::shared_ptr<Auditioner> auditioner;
      void set_audition (boost::shared_ptr<Region>);
      void non_realtime_set_audition ();
      boost::shared_ptr<Region> pending_audition_region;

      /* EXPORT */

      /* FLATTEN */

      int flatten_one_track (AudioTrack&, nframes_t start, nframes_t cnt);

      list<PortInsert *>   _port_inserts;
      list<PluginInsert *> _plugin_inserts;
      list<Send *>         _sends;
      boost::dynamic_bitset<uint32_t>  send_bitset;
      boost::dynamic_bitset<uint32_t>  insert_bitset;
      uint32_t          send_cnt;
      uint32_t          insert_cnt;

      void add_redirect (Redirect *);
      void remove_redirect (Redirect *);

      /* S/W RAID */

      struct space_and_path {
          uint32_t blocks; /* 4kB blocks */
          string path;
          space_and_path() { 
                blocks = 0;

      struct space_and_path_ascending_cmp {
          bool operator() (space_and_path a, space_and_path b) {
                return a.blocks > b.blocks;
      void setup_raid_path (string path);

      vector<space_and_path> session_dirs;
      vector<space_and_path>::iterator last_rr_session_dir;
      uint32_t _total_free_4k_blocks;
      Glib::Mutex space_lock;

      static const char* old_sound_dir_name;
      static const char* sound_dir_name;
      static const char* dead_sound_dir_name;
      static const char* interchange_dir_name;
      static const char* peak_dir_name;
      static const char* export_dir_name;
      string old_sound_dir (bool with_path = true) const;
      string discover_best_sound_dir (bool destructive = false);
      int ensure_sound_dir (string, string&);
      void refresh_disk_space ();

      mutable gint _playback_load;
      mutable gint _capture_load;
      mutable gint _playback_load_min;
      mutable gint _capture_load_min;

      /* I/O Connections */

      typedef list<Connection *> ConnectionList;
      mutable Glib::Mutex connection_lock;
      ConnectionList _connections;
      int load_connections (const XMLNode&);

      void reverse_diskstream_buffers ();

      UndoHistory _history;
      UndoTransaction* current_trans;

      GlobalRouteBooleanState get_global_route_boolean (bool (Route::*method)(void) const);
      GlobalRouteMeterState get_global_route_metering ();

      void set_global_route_boolean (GlobalRouteBooleanState s, void (Route::*method)(bool, void*), void *arg);
      void set_global_route_metering (GlobalRouteMeterState s, void *arg);

      void set_global_mute (GlobalRouteBooleanState s, void *src);
      void set_global_solo (GlobalRouteBooleanState s, void *src);
      void set_global_record_enable (GlobalRouteBooleanState s, void *src);

      void jack_timebase_callback (jack_transport_state_t, nframes_t, jack_position_t*, int);
      int  jack_sync_callback (jack_transport_state_t, jack_position_t*);
      void reset_jack_connection (jack_client_t* jack);
      void record_enable_change_all (bool yn);

      XMLNode& state(bool);

      /* click track */

      struct Click {
          nframes_t start;
          nframes_t duration;
          nframes_t offset;
          const Sample *data;

          Click (nframes_t s, nframes_t d, const Sample *b) 
                : start (s), duration (d), data (b) { offset = 0; }
          void *operator new(size_t ignored) {
                return pool.alloc ();

          void operator delete(void *ptr, size_t size) {
                pool.release (ptr);

          static Pool pool;
      typedef list<Click*> Clicks;

      Clicks          clicks;
      bool           _clicking;
      boost::shared_ptr<IO> _click_io;
      Sample*         click_data;
      Sample*         click_emphasis_data;
      nframes_t  click_length;
      nframes_t  click_emphasis_length;
      mutable Glib::RWLock click_lock;

      static const Sample         default_click[];
      static const nframes_t default_click_length;
      static const Sample         default_click_emphasis[];
      static const nframes_t default_click_emphasis_length;

      Click *get_click();
      void   setup_click_sounds (int which);
      void   clear_clicks ();
      void   click (nframes_t start, nframes_t nframes, nframes_t offset);

      vector<Route*> master_outs;
      /* range playback */

      list<AudioRange> current_audio_range;
      bool _play_range;
      void set_play_range (bool yn);
      void setup_auto_play ();

      /* main outs */
      uint32_t main_outs;
      boost::shared_ptr<IO> _master_out;
      boost::shared_ptr<IO> _control_out;

      gain_t* _gain_automation_buffer;
      pan_t** _pan_automation_buffer;
      void allocate_pan_automation_buffers (nframes_t nframes, uint32_t howmany, bool force);
      uint32_t _npan_buffers;

      /* VST support */

      long _vst_callback (VSTPlugin*,
                      long opcode,
                      long index,
                      long value,
                      void* ptr,
                      float opt);

      /* number of hardware audio ports we're using,
         based on max (requested,available)

      uint32_t n_physical_audio_outputs;
      uint32_t n_physical_audio_inputs;

      int find_all_sources (std::string path, std::set<std::string>& result);
      int find_all_sources_across_snapshots (std::set<std::string>& result, bool exclude_this_snapshot);

      LayerModel layer_model;
      CrossfadeModel xfade_model;

      typedef std::set<PBD::Controllable*> Controllables;
      Glib::Mutex controllables_lock;
      Controllables controllables;

      void reset_native_file_format();
      bool first_file_data_format_reset;
      bool first_file_header_format_reset;

      void config_changed (const char*);

      XMLNode& get_control_protocol_state ();
      void set_history_depth (uint32_t depth);
      void sync_order_keys ();

      static bool _disable_all_loaded_plugins;

} // namespace ARDOUR

#endif /* __ardour_session_h__ */

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