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    Copyright (C) 2002 Paul Davis 

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


#ifndef __ardour_automation_line_h__
#define __ardour_automation_line_h__

#include <vector>
#include <list>
#include <string>
#include <sys/types.h>

#include <libgnomecanvasmm/line.h>
#include <sigc++/signal.h>
#include "canvas.h"
#include "simplerect.h"

#include <pbd/undo.h>
#include <pbd/statefuldestructible.h> 

#include <ardour/automation_event.h>

using std::vector;
using std::string;

class AutomationLine;
class ControlPoint;
class PointSelection;
class TimeAxisView;
class AutomationTimeAxisView;
class Selectable;
class Selection;

namespace Gnome {
      namespace Canvas {
            class SimpleRect;

class ControlPoint 
        ControlPoint (AutomationLine& al);
      ControlPoint (const ControlPoint&, bool dummy_arg_to_force_special_copy_constructor);
      virtual ~ControlPoint ();

      enum ShapeType {
      void move_to (double x, double y, ShapeType);
      void reset (double x, double y, ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator, uint32_t, ShapeType);
      double get_x() const { return _x; }
      double get_y() const { return _y; }

      void hide (); 
      void show ();
      void show_color (bool entered, bool hide_too);

      void set_size (double);
      void set_visible (bool);

      ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect* item;
      AutomationLine& line;
      uint32_t view_index;
      ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator model;
      bool can_slide;
      bool selected;
      virtual bool event_handler (GdkEvent*);

      double _x;
      double _y;
      double _size;
      ShapeType _shape;

class AutomationLine : public sigc::trackable, public PBD::StatefulThingWithGoingAway
        AutomationLine (const string & name, TimeAxisView&, ArdourCanvas::Group&, ARDOUR::AutomationList&);
      virtual ~AutomationLine ();

      void queue_reset ();
      void reset ();
      void clear();

      void set_selected_points (PointSelection&);
      void get_selectables (nframes_t& start, nframes_t& end,
                        double botfrac, double topfrac, 
                        list<Selectable*>& results);
      void get_inverted_selectables (Selection&, list<Selectable*>& results);

      virtual void remove_point (ControlPoint&);
      bool control_points_adjacent (double xval, uint32_t& before, uint32_t& after);
      /* dragging API */

      virtual void start_drag (ControlPoint*, nframes_t x, float fraction);
      virtual void point_drag(ControlPoint&, nframes_t x, float, bool with_push);
      virtual void end_drag (ControlPoint*);
      virtual void line_drag(uint32_t i1, uint32_t i2, float, bool with_push);

      ControlPoint* nth (uint32_t);
      uint32_t npoints() const { return control_points.size(); }

      string  name() const { return _name; }
      bool    visible() const { return _visible; }
      guint32 height() const { return _height; }

      void         set_line_color (uint32_t);
      uint32_t get_line_color() const { return _line_color; }

      void    show ();
      void    hide ();
      void    set_height (guint32);
      void    set_verbose_cursor_uses_gain_mapping (bool yn);

      TimeAxisView& trackview;

      ArdourCanvas::Group& canvas_group() const { return *group; }
      ArdourCanvas::Item&  parent_group() const { return _parent_group; }
      ArdourCanvas::Item&  grab_item() const { return *line; }

      void show_selection();
      void hide_selection ();

      virtual string  get_verbose_cursor_string (float);
      virtual void view_to_model_y (double&) = 0;
      virtual void model_to_view_y (double&) = 0;

      ARDOUR::AutomationList& the_list() const { return alist; }

      void show_all_control_points ();
      void hide_all_but_selected_control_points ();

      bool is_last_point (ControlPoint &);
      bool is_first_point (ControlPoint &);

      XMLNode& get_state (void);
      int set_state (const XMLNode&);
      void set_colors();


      string _name;
      guint32 _height;
      uint32_t _line_color;
      ARDOUR::AutomationList& alist;

      bool    _visible  : 1;
      bool    _vc_uses_gain_mapping : 1;
      bool    terminal_points_can_slide : 1;
      bool    update_pending : 1;
      bool    no_draw : 1;
      bool    points_visible : 1;
      bool    did_push;

      ArdourCanvas::Group&  _parent_group;
      ArdourCanvas::Group*   group;
      ArdourCanvas::Line*   line; /* line */
      ArdourCanvas::Points  line_points; /* coordinates for canvas line */
      vector<ControlPoint*>  control_points; /* visible control points */

      struct ALPoint {
          double x;
          double y;
          ALPoint (double xx, double yy) : x(xx), y(yy) {}

      typedef std::vector<ALPoint> ALPoints;

      static void invalidate_point (ALPoints&, uint32_t index);
      static bool invalid_point (ALPoints&, uint32_t index);
      void determine_visible_control_points (ALPoints&);
      void sync_model_with_view_point (ControlPoint&, bool did_push, int64_t distance);
      void sync_model_with_view_line (uint32_t, uint32_t);
      virtual void change_model (ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator, double x, double y);
      virtual void change_model_range (ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator,ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator, double delta, float ydelta);

      void reset_callback (const ARDOUR::AutomationList&);
      void list_changed ();

      virtual bool event_handler (GdkEvent*);
      virtual void add_model_point (ALPoints& tmp_points, double frame, double yfract);
      uint32_t drags;
      double   first_drag_fraction;
      double   last_drag_fraction;
      uint32_t line_drag_cp1;
      uint32_t line_drag_cp2;
      int64_t  drag_x;
      int64_t  drag_distance;

      void modify_view_point(ControlPoint&, double, double, bool with_push);
      void reset_line_coords (ControlPoint&);

      double control_point_box_size ();

      struct ModelRepresentation {
          ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator start;
          ARDOUR::AutomationList::iterator end;
          nframes_t xpos;
          double ypos;
          nframes_t xmin;
          double ymin;
          nframes_t xmax;
          double ymax;
          nframes_t xval;
          double yval;

      void model_representation (ControlPoint&, ModelRepresentation&);

      friend class AudioRegionGainLine;

#endif /* __ardour_automation_line_h__ */

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