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template<class T_return, class T_arg1, class T_arg2, class T_arg3, class T_arg4, class T_arg5, class T_arg6, class T_arg7, class T_accumulator = nil>
iterator sigc::signal7< T_return, T_arg1, T_arg2, T_arg3, T_arg4, T_arg5, T_arg6, T_arg7, T_accumulator >::connect ( const slot_type slot_  )  [inline, package]

Add a slot to the list of slots. Any functor or slot may be passed into connect(). It will be converted into a slot implicitely. The returned iterator may be stored for disconnection of the slot at some later point. It stays valid until the slot is removed from the list of slots. The iterator can also be implicitely converted into a sigc::connection object that may be used safely beyond the life time of the slot.

slot_ The slot to add to the list of slots.
An iterator pointing to the new slot in the list.

Definition at line 3431 of file signal.h.

Referenced by ImageFrameTimeAxisView::add_imageframe_group(), ImageFrameTimeAxisGroup::add_imageframe_item(), ImageFrameTimeAxis::add_marker_time_axis(), MarkerTimeAxisView::add_marker_view(), ImageFrameView::add_marker_view_item(), ImageFrameSocketHandler::handle_insert_imageframe_group(), ImageFrameSocketHandler::handle_insert_imageframe_view(), and ARDOUR::IO::IO().

    { return iterator(signal_base::connect(static_cast<const slot_base&>(slot_))); }

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