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void Gtk::Container::remove ( Widget widget  )  [inherited]

Removes widget from container . widget must be inside container . Note that container will own a reference to widget , and that this may be the last reference held; so removing a widget from its container can destroy that widget. If you want to use widget again, you need to add a reference to it while it's not inside a container, using Glib::object_ref(). If you don't want to use widget again it's usually more efficient to simply destroy it directly using Gtk::Widget::destroy() since this will remove it from the container and help break any circular reference count cycles.

widget A current child of container .

Definition at line 132 of file container.cc.

References Gtk::Widget::gobj(), and Gtk::Container::gobj().

Referenced by TimeAxisView::hide().

  //If this is a managed widget,
  //then do an extra ref so that it will
  //not be destroyed when adding to another container
  //This should leave it in much the same state as when it was instantiated,
  //before being added to the first container.
  gtk_container_remove(gobj(), widget.gobj());

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