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Button * Gtk::Dialog::add_button ( const Gtk::StockID stock_id,
int  response_id 
) [inherited]

Adds a button with the given text (or a stock button, if button_text is a stock ID) and sets things up so that clicking the button will emit the "response" signal with the given response_id . The button is appended to the end of the dialog's action area. The button widget is returned, but usually you don't need it.

button_text Text of button, or stock ID.
response_id Response ID for the button.
The button widget that was added.

Definition at line 240 of file dialog.cc.

References Gtk::Dialog::gobj().

  return Glib::wrap((GtkButton*)(gtk_dialog_add_button(gobj(), (stock_id).get_c_str(), response_id)));

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