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void Gtk::TreeViewColumn::add_attribute ( CellRenderer cell_renderer,
const Glib::ustring attribute,
int  column 

Adds an attribute mapping to the list in tree_column . The column is the column of the model to get a value from, and the attribute is the parameter on cell_renderer to be set from the value. So for example if column 2 of the model contains strings, you could have the "text" attribute of a Gtk::CellRendererText get its values from column 2.

cell_renderer The Gtk::CellRenderer to set attributes on.
attribute An attribute on the renderer.
column The column position on the model to get the attribute from.

Definition at line 287 of file treeviewcolumn.cc.

References Glib::ustring::c_str(), and gobj().

Referenced by set_renderer().

  gtk_tree_view_column_add_attribute(gobj(), (cell_renderer).gobj(), attribute.c_str(), column);

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