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void Gtk::Widget::size_request ( const Requisition &  requisition  )  [inherited]

This function is typically used when implementing a Gtk::Container subclass. Obtains the preferred size of a widget. The container uses this information to arrange its child widgets and decide what size allocations to give them with size_allocate().

You can also call this function from an application, with some caveats. Most notably, getting a size request requires the widget to be associated with a screen, because font information may be needed. Multihead-aware applications should keep this in mind.

Also remember that the size request is not necessarily the size a widget will actually be allocated.

See also get_child_requisition().

requisition A Gtk::Requisition to be filled in.

Definition at line 5108 of file widget.cc.

References Gtk::Widget::gobj().

  gtk_widget_size_request(gobj(), (GtkRequisition*)(&requisition));

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