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void Gtk::Window::begin_resize_drag ( Gdk::WindowEdge  edge,
int  button,
int  root_x,
int  root_y,
guint32  timestamp 

Starts resizing a window. This function is used if an application has window resizing controls. When GDK can support it, the resize will be done using the standard mechanism for the window manager or windowing system. Otherwise, GDK will try to emulate window resizing, potentially not all that well, depending on the windowing system.

button Mouse button that initiated the drag.
edge Position of the resize control.
root_x X position where the user clicked to initiate the drag, in root window coordinates.
root_y Y position where the user clicked to initiate the drag.
timestamp Timestamp from the click event that initiated the drag.

Definition at line 847 of file window.cc.

References gobj().

  gtk_window_begin_resize_drag(gobj(), ((GdkWindowEdge)(edge)), button, root_x, root_y, timestamp);

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