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void Gtk::Window::set_geometry_hints ( Widget geometry_widget,
const Gdk::Geometry &  geometry,
Gdk::WindowHints  geom_mask 

This function sets up hints about how a window can be resized by the user. You can set a minimum and maximum size; allowed resize increments (e.g. for xterm, you can only resize by the size of a character); aspect ratios; and more. See the Gdk::Geometry struct.

geometry_widget Widget the geometry hints will be applied to.
geometry Struct containing geometry information.
geom_mask Mask indicating which struct fields should be paid attention to.

Definition at line 631 of file window.cc.

References gobj().

  gtk_window_set_geometry_hints(gobj(), (geometry_widget).gobj(), const_cast<GdkGeometry*>(&(geometry)), ((GdkWindowHints)(geom_mask)));

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