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void Gtk::Window::set_wmclass ( const Glib::ustring wmclass_name,
const Glib::ustring wmclass_class 

Don't use this function. It sets the X Window System "class" and "name" hints for a window. According to the ICCCM, you should always set these to the same value for all windows in an application, and GTK+ sets them to that value by default, so calling this function is sort of pointless. However, you may want to call set_role() on each window in your application, for the benefit of the session manager. Setting the role allows the window manager to restore window positions when loading a saved session.

wmclass_name Window name hint.
wmclass_class Window class hint.

Definition at line 501 of file window.cc.

References Glib::ustring::c_str(), and gobj().

  gtk_window_set_wmclass(gobj(), wmclass_name.c_str(), wmclass_class.c_str());

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