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void Gdk::Drawable::draw_layout_line ( const Glib::RefPtr< const GC > &  gc,
int  x,
int  y,
const Glib::RefPtr< const Pango::LayoutLine > &  line 
) [inherited]

Render a Pango::LayoutLine onto an GDK drawable

If the layout's Pango::Context has a transformation matrix set, then x and y specify the position of the left edge of the baseline (left is in before-tranform user coordinates) in after-transform device coordinates.

gc Base graphics to use.
x The x position of start of string (in pixels).
y The y position of baseline (in pixels).
line A Pango::LayoutLine.

Definition at line 256 of file drawable.cc.

References Gdk::Drawable::gobj().

  gdk_draw_layout_line(gobj(), const_cast<GdkGC*>(Glib::unwrap<GC>(gc)), x, y, const_cast<PangoLayoutLine*>(Glib::unwrap<Pango::LayoutLine>(line)));

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