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void Gdk::Drawable::draw_pixbuf ( const Glib::RefPtr< const GC > &  gc,
const Glib::RefPtr< Pixbuf > &  pixbuf,
int  src_x,
int  src_y,
int  dest_x,
int  dest_y,
int  width,
int  height,
RgbDither  dither,
int  x_dither,
int  y_dither 
) [inherited]

Renders a rectangular portion of a pixbuf to a drawable. The destination drawable must have a colormap. All windows have a colormap, however, pixmaps only have colormap by default if they were created with a non-0 window argument. Otherwise a colormap must be set on them with Gdk::Drawable::set_colormap().

On older X servers, rendering pixbufs with an alpha channel involves round trips to the X server, and may be somewhat slow.

The clip mask of gc is ignored, but clip rectangles and clip regions work fine.

Since: 2.2

gc A Gdk::GC, used for clipping, or 0.
pixbuf A Gdk::Pixbuf.
src_x Source X coordinate within pixbuf.
src_y Source Y coordinates within pixbuf.
dest_x Destination X coordinate within drawable.
dest_y Destination Y coordinate within drawable.
width Width of region to render, in pixels, or -1 to use pixbuf width.
height Height of region to render, in pixels, or -1 to use pixbuf height.
dither Dithering mode for Gdk::RGB.
x_dither X offset for dither.
y_dither Y offset for dither.

Definition at line 276 of file drawable.cc.

References Gdk::Drawable::gobj().

  gdk_draw_pixbuf(gobj(), const_cast<GdkGC*>(Glib::unwrap<GC>(gc)), Glib::unwrap(pixbuf), src_x, src_y, dest_x, dest_y, width, height, ((GdkRgbDither)(dither)), x_dither, y_dither);

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