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Glib::Dispatcher Class Reference

#include <dispatcher.h>

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Detailed Description

Signal class for inter-thread communication.

Glib::Dispatcher works similar to sigc::signal<void>. But unlike normal signals, the notification happens asynchronously through a pipe. This is a simple and efficient way of communicating between threads, and especially useful in a thread model with a single GUI thread.

No mutex locking is involved, apart from the operating system's internal I/O locking. That implies some usage rules:

Notes about performance:

Definition at line 63 of file dispatcher.h.

Public Member Functions

sigc::connection connect (const sigc::slot< void > &slot)
 Dispatcher (const Glib::RefPtr< MainContext > &context)
 Dispatcher ()
void emit ()
void operator() ()

Private Member Functions

 Dispatcher (const Dispatcher &)
Dispatcheroperator= (const Dispatcher &)

Private Attributes

DispatchNotifier * notifier_
sigc::signal< void > signal_


class Glib::DispatchNotifier

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