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Denotes the expansion properties that a widget will have when it (or its parent) is resized.

Bitwise operators:
AttachOptions operator|(AttachOptions, AttachOptions)
AttachOptions operator&(AttachOptions, AttachOptions)
AttachOptions operator^(AttachOptions, AttachOptions)
AttachOptions operator~(AttachOptions)
AttachOptions& operator|=(AttachOptions&, AttachOptions)
AttachOptions& operator&=(AttachOptions&, AttachOptions)
AttachOptions& operator^=(AttachOptions&, AttachOptions)
EXPAND  The widget should expand to take up any extra space in its container that has been allocated.
SHRINK  The widget should shrink as and when possible.
FILL  The widget should fill the space allocated to it.

Definition at line 209 of file enums.h.

  EXPAND = 1 << 0,
  SHRINK = 1 << 1,
  FILL = 1 << 2

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