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void Gtk::Window::set_has_frame ( bool  setting = true  ) 

(Note: this is a special-purpose function for the framebuffer port, that causes GTK+ to draw its own window border. For most applications, you want set_decorated() instead, which tells the window manager whether to draw the window border.)

If this function is called on a window with setting of true, before it is realized or showed, it will have a "frame" window around window ->window, accessible in window ->frame. Using the signal frame_event you can receive all events targeted at the frame.

This function is used by the linux-fb port to implement managed windows, but it could concievably be used by X-programs that want to do their own window decorations.

setting A boolean.

Definition at line 661 of file window.cc.

References gobj().

  gtk_window_set_has_frame(gobj(), static_cast<int>(setting));

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