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void Gtk::Widget::set_name ( const Glib::ustring name  )  [inherited]

Widgets can be named, which allows you to refer to them from a gtkrc file. You can apply a style to widgets with a particular name in the gtkrc file. See the documentation for gtkrc files (on the same page as the docs for Gtk::RcStyle).

Note that widget names are separated by periods in paths (see path()), so names with embedded periods may cause confusion.

name Name for the widget.

Reimplemented in Gtk::AboutDialog.

Definition at line 5198 of file widget.cc.

References Glib::ustring::c_str(), and Gtk::Widget::gobj().

Referenced by TimeAxisView::build_display_menu(), ImageFrameTimeAxis::build_display_menu(), MarkerTimeAxis::build_marker_menu(), TimeAxisView::build_size_menu(), ImageFrameTimeAxis::create_imageframe_menu(), and VisualTimeAxis::VisualTimeAxis().

  gtk_widget_set_name(gobj(), name.c_str());

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