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void VisualTimeAxis::start_time_axis_rename (  ) 

Construct a new prompt to receive a new name for this TimeAxis

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Definition at line 321 of file visual_time_axis.cc.

References label_view(), and set_time_axis_name().

Referenced by MarkerTimeAxis::build_display_menu(), ImageFrameTimeAxis::build_display_menu(), MarkerTimeAxis::build_marker_menu(), and ImageFrameTimeAxis::create_imageframe_menu().

      ArdourPrompter name_prompter;

      name_prompter.set_prompt (_("new name: ")) ;
      name_prompter.add_button (_("Rename"), Gtk::RESPONSE_ACCEPT);
      name_prompter.set_response_sensitive (Gtk::RESPONSE_ACCEPT, false);
      name_prompter.show_all() ;

      switch (name_prompter.run ()) {
      case Gtk::RESPONSE_ACCEPT:
        string result;
        name_prompter.get_result (result);
        if (result.length()) {
              if (editor.get_named_time_axis(result) != 0) {
                ARDOUR_UI::instance()->popup_error (_("A track already exists with that name"));
                return ;
              set_time_axis_name(result, this) ;
      label_view() ;

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