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Glib::QueryQuark Class Reference

#include <quark.h>

Inherited by Glib::Quark.

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Detailed Description

Quarks are unique IDs in Glib for strings for use in hash table lookups. Each Quark is unique but may change between runs.

QueryQuark is a converter class for looking up but not allocating an ID. An id means the quark lookup failed.

Quark is used for actions for which the id should live on While QueryQuark should be used for queries. ie. void set_data (const Quark&, void * data); void* get_data (const QueryQuark&);

Definition at line 45 of file quark.h.

Public Member Functions

GQuark id () const
 operator GQuark () const
 operator ustring () const
QueryQuarkoperator= (const QueryQuark &q)
 QueryQuark (const char *s)
 QueryQuark (const ustring &s)
 QueryQuark (const GQuark &q)

Private Attributes

GQuark quark_

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

bool operator!= (const QueryQuark &a, const QueryQuark &b)
bool operator== (const QueryQuark &a, const QueryQuark &b)

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