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Glib::Value< T * > Class Template Reference
[Generic Values]

#include <value_custom.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
class Glib::Value< T * >

Specialization for pointers to instances of any type.

No attempt is made to manage the memory associated with the pointer, you must take care of that yourself.

Definition at line 135 of file value_custom.h.

Public Types

typedef PtrT CppType
typedef void * CType

Public Member Functions

GParamSpec * create_param_spec (const Glib::ustring &name) const
CppType get () const
const GValue * gobj () const
GValue * gobj ()
void init (GType type)
void reset ()
void set (CppType data)

Static Public Member Functions

static GType value_type () G_GNUC_CONST

Protected Member Functions

Glib::ObjectBase * get_object () const
Glib::RefPtr< Glib::ObjectBase > get_object_copy () const
void set_object (Glib::ObjectBase *data)

Protected Attributes

GValue gobject_

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