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Glib::SignalProxy0< R > Class Template Reference

#include <signalproxy.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class R>
class Glib::SignalProxy0< R >

Proxy for signals with 0 arguments. Use the connect() method, with sigc::mem_fun() or sigc::ptr_fun() to connect signals to signal handlers.

Definition at line 130 of file signalproxy.h.

Public Types

typedef sigc::slot< R > SlotType
typedef sigc::slot< void > VoidSlotType

Public Member Functions

sigc::connection connect (const SlotType &slot, bool after=true)
sigc::connection connect_notify (const VoidSlotType &slot, bool after=false)
void emission_stop ()
 stops the current signal emmision (not in libsigc++)
 SignalProxy0 (ObjectBase *obj, const SignalProxyInfo *info)

Static Public Member Functions

static sigc::slot_basedata_to_slot (void *data)
static void slot0_void_callback (GObject *, void *data)

Protected Member Functions

sigc::slot_baseconnect_ (const sigc::slot_base &slot, bool after)
sigc::slot_baseconnect_notify_ (const sigc::slot_base &slot, bool after)

Protected Attributes

ObjectBase * obj_

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