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    Copyright (C) 2000-2001 Paul Davis 

    This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
    it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
    the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
    (at your option) any later version.

    This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
    GNU General Public License for more details.

    You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
    along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
    Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.


#ifndef __ardour_region_h__
#define __ardour_region_h__

#include <boost/shared_ptr.hpp>
#include <boost/enable_shared_from_this.hpp>

#include <pbd/undo.h>
#include <pbd/statefuldestructible.h> 

#include <ardour/ardour.h>
#include <ardour/readable.h>

class XMLNode;

namespace ARDOUR {

class Playlist;

enum RegionEditState {
      EditChangesNothing = 0,
      EditChangesName    = 1,
      EditChangesID      = 2

class Region : public PBD::StatefulDestructible, public Readable, public boost::enable_shared_from_this<Region>
      enum Flag {
            Muted = 0x1,
            Opaque = 0x2,
            EnvelopeActive = 0x4,
            DefaultFadeIn = 0x8,
            DefaultFadeOut = 0x10,
            Locked = 0x20,
            Automatic = 0x40,
            WholeFile = 0x80,
            FadeIn = 0x100,
            FadeOut = 0x200,
            Copied = 0x400,
            Import = 0x800,
            External = 0x1000,
            SyncMarked = 0x2000,
            LeftOfSplit = 0x4000,
            RightOfSplit = 0x8000,
            Hidden = 0x10000,
            DoNotSaveState = 0x20000,
            range_guarantoor = USHRT_MAX

      enum PositionLockStyle {

      static const Flag DefaultFlags = Flag (Opaque|DefaultFadeIn|DefaultFadeOut|FadeIn|FadeOut);

      static Change FadeChanged;
      static Change SyncOffsetChanged;
      static Change MuteChanged;
      static Change OpacityChanged;
      static Change LockChanged;
      static Change LayerChanged;
      static Change HiddenChanged;

      sigc::signal<void,Change> StateChanged;

      virtual ~Region();

      /* Note: changing the name of a Region does not constitute an edit */

      string name() const { return _name; }
      void set_name (string str);

      nframes_t position () const { return _position; }
      nframes_t start ()    const { return _start; }
      nframes_t length()    const { return _length; }
      layer_t   layer ()    const { return _layer; }

      /* these two are valid ONLY during a StateChanged signal handler */

      nframes_t last_position() const { return _last_position; }
      nframes_t last_length() const { return _last_length; }

      nframes64_t ancestral_start () const { return _ancestral_start; }
      nframes64_t ancestral_length () const { return _ancestral_length; }
      float stretch() const { return _stretch; }
      float shift() const { return _shift; }

      void set_ancestral_data (nframes64_t start, nframes64_t length, float stretch, float shift);

      nframes_t sync_offset(int& dir) const;
      nframes_t sync_position() const;
      nframes_t sync_point () const;

      nframes_t adjust_to_sync (nframes_t) const;
      /* first_frame() is an alias; last_frame() just hides some math */

      nframes_t first_frame() const { return _position; }
      nframes_t last_frame() const { return _position + _length - 1; }

      bool hidden()     const { return _flags & Hidden; }
      bool muted()      const { return _flags & Muted; }
      bool opaque ()    const { return _flags & Opaque; }
      bool locked()     const { return _flags & Locked; }
      bool automatic()  const { return _flags & Automatic; }
      bool whole_file() const { return _flags & WholeFile ; }
      Flag flags()      const { return _flags; }

      PositionLockStyle positional_lock_style() const { return _positional_lock_style; }
      void set_position_lock_style (PositionLockStyle ps);
      void recompute_position_from_lock_style ();

      virtual bool should_save_state () const { return !(_flags & DoNotSaveState); };

      void freeze ();
      void thaw (const string& why);

      bool covers (nframes_t frame) const {
            return first_frame() <= frame && frame <= last_frame();

      OverlapType coverage (nframes_t start, nframes_t end) const {
            return ARDOUR::coverage (first_frame(), last_frame(), start, end);
      bool equivalent (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>) const;
      bool size_equivalent (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>) const;
      bool overlap_equivalent (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>) const;
      bool region_list_equivalent (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>) const;
      virtual bool source_equivalent (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>) const = 0;
      virtual bool speed_mismatch (float) const = 0;


      void set_length (nframes_t, void *src);
      void set_start (nframes_t, void *src);
      void set_position (nframes_t, void *src);
      void set_position_on_top (nframes_t, void *src);
      void special_set_position (nframes_t);
      void update_position_after_tempo_map_change ();
      void nudge_position (nframes64_t, void *src);

      bool at_natural_position () const;
      void move_to_natural_position (void *src);

      void trim_start (nframes_t new_position, void *src);
      void trim_front (nframes_t new_position, void *src);
      void trim_end (nframes_t new_position, void *src);
      void trim_to (nframes_t position, nframes_t length, void *src);
      void set_layer (layer_t l); /* ONLY Playlist can call this */
      void raise ();
      void lower ();
      void raise_to_top ();
      void lower_to_bottom ();

      void set_sync_position (nframes_t n);
      void clear_sync_position ();
      void set_hidden (bool yn);
      void set_muted (bool yn);
       void set_opaque (bool yn);
      void set_locked (bool yn);

      virtual uint32_t read_data_count() const { return _read_data_count; }

      boost::shared_ptr<ARDOUR::Playlist> playlist() const { return _playlist.lock(); }
      virtual void set_playlist (boost::weak_ptr<ARDOUR::Playlist>);

      /* serialization */
      XMLNode&         get_state ();
      virtual XMLNode& state (bool);
      virtual int      set_state (const XMLNode&);
      virtual int      set_live_state (const XMLNode&, Change&, bool send);

      virtual boost::shared_ptr<Region> get_parent() const = 0;
      uint64_t last_layer_op() const { return _last_layer_op; }
      void set_last_layer_op (uint64_t when);

      virtual int get_transients (AnalysisFeatureList&, bool force_new = false) { 
            // no transients, but its OK
            return 0;

      void invalidate_transients ();      

      friend class RegionFactory;

      Region (nframes_t start, nframes_t length, 
            const string& name, layer_t = 0, Flag flags = DefaultFlags);
      Region (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>, nframes_t start, nframes_t length, const string& name, layer_t = 0, Flag flags = DefaultFlags);
      Region (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>, nframes_t length, const string& name, layer_t = 0, Flag flags = DefaultFlags);
      Region (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>);
      Region (const XMLNode&);

      void copy_stuff (boost::shared_ptr<const Region>, nframes_t start, nframes_t length, const string& name, layer_t, Flag flags);

      XMLNode& get_short_state (); /* used only by Session */

      void send_change (Change);

      void trim_to_internal (nframes_t position, nframes_t length, void *src);
      void set_position_internal (nframes_t pos, bool allow_bbt_recompute);

      bool copied() const { return _flags & Copied; }
      void maybe_uncopy ();
      void first_edit ();
      virtual bool verify_start (nframes_t) = 0;
      virtual bool verify_start_and_length (nframes_t, nframes_t&) = 0;
      virtual bool verify_start_mutable (nframes_t&_start) = 0;
      virtual bool verify_length (nframes_t&) = 0;
      virtual void recompute_at_start () = 0;
      virtual void recompute_at_end () = 0;
      nframes_t                _start;
      nframes_t                _length;
      nframes_t                _last_length;
      nframes_t                _position;
      nframes_t                _last_position;
      Flag                     _flags;
      PositionLockStyle        _positional_lock_style;
      nframes_t                _sync_position;
      layer_t                  _layer;
      string                   _name;        
      mutable RegionEditState  _first_edit;
      int                      _frozen;
      Glib::Mutex               lock;
      boost::weak_ptr<ARDOUR::Playlist> _playlist;
      mutable uint32_t         _read_data_count; // modified in read()
      Change                    pending_changed;
      uint64_t                 _last_layer_op; // timestamp
      nframes64_t              _ancestral_start;
      nframes64_t              _ancestral_length;
      float                    _stretch;
      float                    _shift;
      BBT_Time                 _bbt_time;
      AnalysisFeatureList      _transients;
      bool valid_transients;

} /* namespace ARDOUR */

#endif /* __ardour_region_h__ */

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