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bool ImageFrameView::set_duration ( nframes_t  dur,
void *  src 
) [virtual]

Sets the duration of this item

dur the new duration of this item
src the identity of the object that initiated the change
true if the duration change was succesful, false otherwise

Reimplemented from TimeAxisViewItem.

Definition at line 214 of file imageframe_view.cc.

References TimeAxisView::editor, TimeAxisViewItem::get_duration(), imageframe, TimeAxisViewItem::set_duration(), and TimeAxisViewItem::trackview.

Referenced by ImageFrameSocketHandler::handle_imageframe_view_duration_update(), and ImageFrameTimeAxisView::set_imageframe_duration_sec().

      /* do the standard stuff */
      bool ret = TimeAxisViewItem::set_duration(dur, src) ;
      // eveything went ok with the standard stuff?
            /* handle setting the sizes of our canvas itesm based on the new duration */
            imageframe->property_drawwidth() = trackview.editor.frame_to_pixel(get_duration());
      return(ret) ;

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