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Glib::PropertyProxy< T > Class Template Reference

#include <propertyproxy.h>

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Detailed Description

template<class T>
class Glib::PropertyProxy< T >

A PropertyProxy can be used to get and set the value of an object's property. There are usually also get and set methods on the class itself, which you might find more convenient. With the PropertyProxy, you may use either get_value() and set_value(), or operator=() and operator PropertyType(), like so:
 int height = cellrenderer.property_height();
 cellrenderer.property_editable() = true;

You may also receive notification when a property's value changes, by connecting to signal_changed().

Definition at line 43 of file propertyproxy.h.

Public Types

typedef T PropertyType

Public Member Functions

const char * get_name () const
ObjectBase * get_object () const
PropertyType get_value () const
 operator PropertyType () const
PropertyProxy< T > & operator= (const PropertyType &data)
 PropertyProxy (ObjectBase *obj, const char *name)
void reset_value ()
void set_value (const PropertyType &data)
SignalProxyProperty signal_changed ()
 This signal will be emitted when the property changes.

Protected Member Functions

void get_property_ (Glib::ValueBase &value) const
void reset_property_ ()
void set_property_ (const Glib::ValueBase &value)

Protected Attributes

ObjectBase * obj_
const char * property_name_

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