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sigc::slot_base & Glib::SignalProxyNormal::connect_impl_ ( GCallback  callback,
const sigc::slot_base slot,
bool  after 
) [private]

This is called by connect_ and connect_impl_.

Definition at line 65 of file signalproxy.cc.

References Glib::SignalProxyConnectionNode::connection_id_, and Glib::SignalProxyConnectionNode::destroy_notify_handler().

Referenced by connect_(), and connect_notify_().

  // create a proxy to hold our connection info
  SignalProxyConnectionNode *const pConnectionNode =
      new SignalProxyConnectionNode(slot, obj_->gobj());

  // connect it to glib
  // pConnectionNode will be passed in the data argument to the callback.
  pConnectionNode->connection_id_ = g_signal_connect_data(
      obj_->gobj(), info_->signal_name, callback, pConnectionNode,
      static_cast<GConnectFlags>((after) ? G_CONNECT_AFTER : 0));

  return pConnectionNode->slot_;

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