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#include <stdio.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <windows.h>

typedef struct {
    void* (*thread_function)(void*);
    void* thread_arg;
    pthread_t thread_id;
    pthread_mutex_t init_lock;
    pthread_cond_t init_cond;
    pthread_attr_t attr;
} real_thread_info_t;

fake_thread_proxy (LPVOID parameter) 
      DWORD retval;
      real_thread_info_t* rti = (real_thread_info_t*) parameter;

      pthread_mutex_lock (&rti->init_lock);
      rti->thread_id = pthread_self();
      pthread_cond_signal (&rti->init_cond);
      pthread_mutex_unlock (&rti->init_lock);

#if 0
      if (pthread_attr_get_schedparam (&rti->attr)) {
            pthread_set_schedparam (pthread_self(), policy, sched_param);
      /* XXX no way to use pthread API to set contention scope,
         because that has to be done before a thread is created.
         But ... its only meaningful for an M:N thread implemenation
         so its not important for the only platform where
         this code matters (Linux running Wine) because Linux
         uses a 1:1 thread design.

      retval = (DWORD) rti->thread_function (rti->thread_arg);
      free (rti);

      return retval;

wine_pthread_create (pthread_t* thread_id, const pthread_attr_t* attr, void *(*function)(void*), void* arg)
      DWORD tid;
      size_t stack_size;

      real_thread_info_t* rti = (real_thread_info_t*) malloc (sizeof (real_thread_info_t));

      rti->thread_function = function;
      rti->thread_arg = arg;
      if (attr) {
            rti->attr = *attr;

      pthread_mutex_init (&rti->init_lock, NULL);
      pthread_cond_init (&rti->init_cond, NULL);
      pthread_mutex_lock (&rti->init_lock);

      if (attr) {
            if (pthread_attr_getstacksize (attr, &stack_size) != 0) {
                  stack_size = 0;
      } else {
            stack_size = 0;

      if (CreateThread (0, stack_size, fake_thread_proxy, rti, 0, &tid) == NULL) {
            return -1;

      pthread_cond_wait (&rti->init_cond, &rti->init_lock);
      pthread_mutex_unlock (&rti->init_lock);

      *thread_id = rti->thread_id;

      return 0;

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