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ARDOUR::LV2World Struct Reference

#include <lv2_plugin.h>

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Detailed Description

The SLV2World, and various cached (as symbols, fast) URIs.

This object represents everything ardour 'knows' about LV2 (ie understood extensions/features/etc)

Definition at line 149 of file lv2_plugin.h.

Public Attributes

SLV2Value audio_class
SLV2Value control_class
SLV2Value external_gui
SLV2Value gtk_gui
SLV2Value in_place_broken
SLV2Value input_class
SLV2Value integer
SLV2Value logarithmic
SLV2Value output_class
SLV2Value srate
SLV2Value toggled
SLV2World world

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