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Atk::Action Class Reference

#include <action.h>

Inheritance diagram for Atk::Action:

sigc::trackable Atk::NoOpObject

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Detailed Description

The ATK interface provided by UI components which the user can activate/interact with, This should be implemented by instances of Atk::Object classes with which the user can interact directly, i.e. buttons, checkboxes, scrollbars, e.g. components which are not "passive" providers of UI information.

Exceptions: when the user interaction is already covered by another appropriate interface such as Atk::EditableText (insert/delete test, etc.) or Atk::Value (set value) then these actions should not be exposed by Atk::Action as well.

Also note that the Atk::Action API is limited in that parameters may not be passed to the object being activated; thus the action must be self-contained and specifiable via only a single "verb". Concrete examples include "press", "release", "click" for buttons, "drag" (meaning initiate drag) and "drop" for drag sources and drop targets, etc.

Though most UI interactions on components should be invocable via keyboard as well as mouse, there will generally be a close mapping between "mouse actions" that are possible on a component and the Atk::Actions. Where mouse and keyboard actions are redundant in effect, Atk::Action should expose only one action rather than exposing redundant actions if possible. By convention we have been using "mouse centric" terminology for Atk::Action names.

Definition at line 61 of file action.h.

Public Types

typedef AtkActionIface BaseClassType
typedef AtkAction BaseObjectType
typedef Action_Class CppClassType
typedef Action CppObjectType

Public Member Functions

bool _cpp_destruction_is_in_progress () const
bool do_action (int i)
Glib::ustring get_description (int i) const
Glib::ustring get_keybinding (int i)
Glib::ustring get_localized_name (int i)
int get_n_actions () const
Glib::ustring get_name (int i) const
template<class PropertyType>
void get_property (const Glib::ustring &property_name, PropertyType &value) const
 You probably want to use a specific property_*() accessor method instead.
void get_property_value (const Glib::ustring &property_name, Glib::ValueBase &value) const
 You probably want to use a specific property_*() accessor method instead.
const AtkAction * gobj () const
 Provides access to the underlying C GObject.
AtkAction * gobj ()
 Provides access to the underlying C GObject.
GObject * gobj_copy () const
virtual void reference () const
bool set_description (int i, const Glib::ustring &desc)
template<class PropertyType>
void set_property (const Glib::ustring &property_name, const PropertyType &value)
 You probably want to use a specific property_*() accessor method instead.
void set_property_value (const Glib::ustring &property_name, const Glib::ValueBase &value)
 You probably want to use a specific property_*() accessor method instead.
virtual void unreference () const

Static Public Member Functions

static ObjectBase * _get_current_wrapper (GObject *object)
static void add_interface (GType gtype_implementer)
static GType get_base_type () G_GNUC_CONST
static GType get_type () G_GNUC_CONST

Protected Member Functions

void _set_current_wrapper (GObject *object)
 Action (AtkAction *castitem)
virtual void destroy_notify_ ()
virtual bool do_action_vfunc (int i)
virtual const char * get_description_vfunc (int i) const
virtual const char * get_keybinding_vfunc (int i) const
virtual int get_n_actions_vfunc () const
virtual const char * get_name_vfunc (int i) const
void initialize (GObject *castitem)
bool is_anonymous_custom_ () const
bool is_derived_ () const
virtual bool set_description_vfunc (int i, const Glib::ustring &desc)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void destroy_notify_callback_ (void *data)

Protected Attributes

bool cpp_destruction_in_progress_
const char * custom_type_name_
GObject * gobject_

Package Functions

void add_destroy_notify_callback (void *data, func_destroy_notify func) const
void notify_callbacks ()
 Execute and remove all previously installed callbacks.
void remove_destroy_notify_callback (void *data) const

Package Attributes

 __pad0__:func_destroy_notify func_destroy_notify

Private Member Functions

 Action (const Action &)
Actionoperator= (const Action &)

Static Private Attributes

static CppClassType action_class_


class Action_Class
class Glib::GSigConnectionNode

Related Functions

(Note that these are not member functions.)

Glib::RefPtr< Atk::Actionwrap (AtkAction *object, bool take_copy=false)

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