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bool Gdk::Colormap::alloc_color ( Color color,
bool  writeable = false,
bool  best_match = true 

Allocates a single color from a colormap.

color The color to allocate. On return the <structfield>pixel</structfield> field will be filled in if allocation succeeds.
writeable If true, the color is allocated writeable (their values can later be changed using gdk_color_change()). Writeable colors cannot be shared between applications.
best_match If true, GDK will attempt to do matching against existing colors if the color cannot be allocated as requested.
true if the allocation succeeded.

Definition at line 151 of file colormap.cc.

References gobj().

  return gdk_colormap_alloc_color(gobj(), (color).gobj(), static_cast<int>(writeable), static_cast<int>(best_match));

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