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Gtk::RadioButtonGroup Class Reference

#include <radiobuttongroup.h>

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Detailed Description

RadioButtonGroup identifier for RadioButtons To set up this RadioButtonGroup, construct a RadioButtonGroup and then pass it to the constructor of all radio items. You do not need to keep the RadioButtonGroup beyond the initial construction. It should not be instantiated with new, and it will be invalid after the RadioButtons have been deleted.

Definition at line 47 of file radiobuttongroup.h.

Public Member Functions

RadioButtonGroupoperator= (const RadioButtonGroup &src)
 RadioButtonGroup (const RadioButtonGroup &src)

Protected Member Functions

void add (RadioToolButton &item)
void add (const Glib::RefPtr< RadioAction > &item)
void add (RadioMenuItem &item)
void add (RadioButton &item)
void * operator new (size_t)
 RadioButtonGroup (GSList *group)

Protected Attributes

GSList * group_


class Gtk::RadioAction
class Gtk::RadioButton
class Gtk::RadioMenuItem
class Gtk::RadioToolButton

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