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void VisualTimeAxis::remove_this_time_axis ( void *  src  )  [virtual]

Handles the Removal of this VisualTimeAxis

src the identity of the object that initiated the change

Definition at line 272 of file visual_time_axis.cc.

References sigc::bind(), idle_remove_this_time_axis(), sigc::ptr_fun(), Glib::signal_idle(), and time_axis_name.

Referenced by MarkerTimeAxis::build_display_menu(), and ImageFrameTimeAxis::build_display_menu().

      vector<string> choices;

      std::string prompt  = string_compose (_("Do you really want to remove track \"%1\" ?\n\n(This action cannot be undone, and the session file will be overwritten!)"), time_axis_name);

      choices.push_back (_("No, do nothing."));
      choices.push_back (_("Yes, remove it."));

      Gtkmm2ext::Choice prompter (prompt, choices);

      if (prompter.run () == 1) {
              defer to idle loop, otherwise we'll delete this object
              while we're still inside this function ...
            Glib::signal_idle().connect(bind(sigc::ptr_fun(&VisualTimeAxis::idle_remove_this_time_axis), this, src));

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