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bool ImageFrameTimeAxis::add_marker_time_axis ( MarkerTimeAxis marker_track,
void *  src 

Add a MarkerTimeAxis to the ilst of MarkerTimeAxis' associated with this ImageFrameTimeAxis

marker_track the MarkerTimeAxis to add
src the identity of the object that initiated the change
true if the addition was a success, false otherwise

Definition at line 324 of file imageframe_time_axis.cc.

References sigc::bind(), sigc::signal7< T_return, T_arg1, T_arg2, T_arg3, T_arg4, T_arg5, T_arg6, T_arg7, T_accumulator >::connect(), get_named_marker_time_axis(), AxisView::GoingAway, MarkerTimeAxisAdded, sigc::mem_fun(), VisualTimeAxis::name(), and remove_time_axis_view().

      bool ret = false ;
      if(get_named_marker_time_axis(marker_track->name()) != 0)
            ret = false ;
            marker_time_axis_list.push_back(marker_track) ;
            marker_track->GoingAway.connect(bind(mem_fun(*this, &ImageFrameTimeAxis::remove_time_axis_view), marker_track, (void*)this));
             MarkerTimeAxisAdded(marker_track, src) ; /* EMIT_SIGNAL */
            ret = true ;
      return(ret) ;

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