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void ImageFrameTimeAxis::popup_imageframe_edit_menu ( int  button,
int32_t  time,
ImageFrameView clicked_imageframe,
bool  with_item 

Show the popup edit menu

button the mouse button pressed
time when to show the popup
clicked_imageframe the ImageFrameItem that the event ocured upon, or 0 if none
with_item true if an item has been selected upon the time axis, used to set context menu

Definition at line 191 of file imageframe_time_axis.cc.

References create_imageframe_menu(), Gtk::Menu::popup(), and Gtk::Widget::set_sensitive().

      if (!imageframe_menu)
            create_imageframe_menu() ;

            imageframe_item_menu->set_sensitive(true) ;
            imageframe_item_menu->set_sensitive(false) ;
      imageframe_menu->popup(button,time) ;

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