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bool TimeAxisViewItem::set_position ( nframes_t  pos,
void *  src,
double *  delta = 0 
) [virtual]

Set the position of this item upon the timeline to the specified value

pos the new position
src the identity of the object that initiated the change
true if the position change was a success, false otherwise

Reimplemented in ImageFrameView.

Definition at line 275 of file time_axis_view_item.cc.

References frame_position, position_locked, PositionChanged, and samples_per_unit.

Referenced by MarkerView::MarkerView(), ImageFrameView::set_position(), and set_samples_per_unit().

      if (position_locked) {
            return false;

      frame_position = pos;
      /*  This sucks. The GnomeCanvas version I am using
          doesn't correctly implement gnome_canvas_group_set_arg(),
          so that simply setting the "x" arg of the group
          fails to move the group. Instead, we have to
          use gnome_canvas_item_move(), which does the right
          thing. I see that in GNOME CVS, the current (Sept 2001)
          version of GNOME Canvas rectifies this issue cleanly.
      double old_unit_pos ;
      double new_unit_pos = pos / samples_per_unit ;

      old_unit_pos = group->property_x();

      if (new_unit_pos != old_unit_pos) {
            group->move (new_unit_pos - old_unit_pos, 0.0);
      if (delta) {
            (*delta) = new_unit_pos - old_unit_pos;
      PositionChanged (frame_position, src) ; /* EMIT_SIGNAL */

      return true;

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