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void TimeAxisViewItem::remove_this_item ( void *  src  )  [virtual]

Handles the Removal of this time axis item This _needs_ to be called to alert others of the removal properly, ie where the source of the removal came from.

XXX Although im not too happy about this method of doing things, I cant think of a cleaner method just now to capture the source of the removal

src the identity of the object that initiated the change

Definition at line 1021 of file time_axis_view_item.cc.

References sigc::bind(), idle_remove_this_item(), sigc::ptr_fun(), and Glib::signal_idle().

Referenced by ImageFrameTimeAxisView::remove_selected_imageframe_item().

         defer to idle loop, otherwise we'll delete this object
         while we're still inside this function ...
        Glib::signal_idle().connect(bind (sigc::ptr_fun (&TimeAxisViewItem::idle_remove_this_item), this, src));

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