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int Glib::mkstemp ( std::string &  filename_template  ) 

Opens a temporary file.

See the mkstemp() documentation on most UNIX-like systems. This is a portability wrapper, which simply calls mkstemp() on systems that have it, and implements it in GLib otherwise.

filename_template A string that should match the rules for mkstemp(), i.e. end in "XXXXXX". The X string will be modified to form the name of a file that didn't exist.
A file handle (as from open()) to the file opened for reading and writing. The file is opened in binary mode on platforms where there is a difference. The file handle should be closed with close(). In case of errors, -1 is returned.

Definition at line 135 of file fileutils.cc.

  const ScopedPtr<char> buf (g_strndup(filename_template.data(), filename_template.size()));
  const int fileno = g_mkstemp(buf.get());

  filename_template = buf.get();
  return fileno;

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