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TimeAxisViewItem Class Reference

#include <time_axis_view_item.h>

Inheritance diagram for TimeAxisViewItem:

sigc::trackable ImageFrameView MarkerView

List of all members.

Detailed Description

A base class for 'items' that may appear upon a TimeAxisView

Definition at line 38 of file time_axis_view_item.h.

Public Member Functions

ArdourCanvas::Item * get_canvas_frame ()
ArdourCanvas::Item * get_canvas_group ()
nframes_t get_duration () const
virtual std::string get_item_name () const
nframes_t get_max_duration () const
bool get_max_duration_active () const
nframes_t get_min_duration () const
bool get_min_duration_active () const
ArdourCanvas::Item * get_name_highlight ()
ArdourCanvas::Text * get_name_text ()
nframes_t get_position () const
bool get_position_locked () const
double get_samples_per_unit ()
bool get_selected () const
TimeAxisViewget_time_axis_view ()
TimeAxisViewget_trackview () const
virtual void lower ()
virtual void lower_to_bottom ()
bool name_active () const
virtual void raise ()
virtual void raise_to_top ()
virtual void remove_this_item (void *src)
bool sensitive () const
void set_color (Gdk::Color &color)
virtual bool set_duration (nframes_t dur, void *src)
virtual void set_height (double h)
void set_item_name (std::string new_name, void *src)
virtual void set_max_duration (nframes_t dur, void *src)
void set_max_duration_active (bool active, void *src)
virtual void set_min_duration (nframes_t dur, void *src)
void set_min_duration_active (bool active, void *src)
void set_name_text (const Glib::ustring &new_name)
virtual bool set_position (nframes_t pos, void *src, double *delta=0)
virtual void set_position_locked (bool yn, void *src)
virtual void set_samples_per_unit (double spu)
virtual void set_selected (bool yn)
void set_sensitive (bool yn)
virtual void set_should_show_selection (bool yn)
virtual ~TimeAxisViewItem ()

Public Attributes

sigc::signal< void, nframes_t,
void * > 
sigc::signal< void,
std::string, void * > 
sigc::signal< void, nframes_t,
void * > 
sigc::signal< void, nframes_t,
void * > 
sigc::signal< void,
std::string, std::string, void * > 
sigc::signal< void, nframes_t,
void * > 
sigc::signal< void, bool, void * > PositionLockChanged

Static Public Attributes

static const double GRAB_HANDLE_LENGTH = 6
static bool have_name_font = false
static Pango::FontDescriptionNAME_FONT = 0
static const double NAME_X_OFFSET = 15.0
static double NAME_Y_OFFSET

Protected Types

enum  Visibility {
  ShowFrame = 0x1, ShowNameHighlight = 0x2, ShowNameText = 0x4, ShowHandles = 0x8,
  HideFrameLeft = 0x10, HideFrameRight = 0x20, HideFrameTB = 0x40, FullWidthNameHighlight = 0x80

Protected Member Functions

virtual void compute_colors (Gdk::Color &color)
void init (const std::string &it_name, double spu, Gdk::Color &base_color, nframes_t start, nframes_t duration, Visibility vis)
void reset_name_width (double pixel_width)
virtual void reset_width_dependent_items (double pixel_width)
virtual void set_colors ()
virtual void set_frame_color ()
void set_trim_handle_colors ()
 TimeAxisViewItem (const TimeAxisViewItem &other)
 TimeAxisViewItem (const std::string &it_name, ArdourCanvas::Group &parent, TimeAxisView &tv, double spu, Gdk::Color &base_color, nframes_t start, nframes_t duration, Visibility v=Visibility(0))

Static Protected Member Functions

static gint idle_remove_this_item (TimeAxisViewItem *item, void *src)

Protected Attributes

bool _selected
bool _sensitive
uint32_t fill_color
uint32_t fill_opacity
ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect * frame
uint32_t frame_color_b
uint32_t frame_color_g
uint32_t frame_color_r
ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect * frame_handle_end
ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect * frame_handle_start
nframes_t frame_position
ArdourCanvas::Group * group
uint32_t handle_color_b
uint32_t handle_color_g
uint32_t handle_color_r
nframes_t item_duration
std::string item_name
uint32_t label_color
double last_name_text_width
uint32_t lock_handle_color_b
uint32_t lock_handle_color_g
uint32_t lock_handle_color_r
bool max_duration_active
nframes_t max_item_duration
bool min_duration_active
nframes_t min_item_duration
bool name_connected
ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect * name_highlight
ArdourCanvas::Text * name_text
< Glib::ustring::size_type,
int > 
int name_text_width
bool position_locked
double samples_per_unit
bool selected
uint32_t selected_frame_color_b
uint32_t selected_frame_color_g
uint32_t selected_frame_color_r
bool should_show_selection
bool show_vestigial
ArdourCanvas::SimpleRect * vestigial_frame
Visibility visibility

Package Functions

void add_destroy_notify_callback (void *data, func_destroy_notify func) const
void notify_callbacks ()
 Execute and remove all previously installed callbacks.
void remove_destroy_notify_callback (void *data) const

Package Attributes

 __pad0__:func_destroy_notify func_destroy_notify

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