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bool Glib::setenv ( const std::string &  variable,
const std::string &  value,
bool  overwrite = true 

Sets an environment variable. Both the variable's name and value should be in the GLib file name encoding. On Unix, this means that they can be any sequence of bytes. On Windows, they should be in UTF-8.

Note that on some systems, when variables are overwritten, the memory used for the previous variables and its value isn't reclaimed.

variable The environment variable to set. It must not contain '='.
value The value to which the variable should be set.
overwrite Whether to change the variable if it already exists.
false if the environment variable couldn't be set.

Definition at line 81 of file miscutils.cc.

  return g_setenv(variable.c_str(), value.c_str(), overwrite);

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