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Glib::Markup::ParseContext Class Reference
[Simple XML Subset Parser]

#include <markup.h>

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Detailed Description

A parse context is used to parse marked-up documents.

You can feed any number of documents into a context, as long as no errors occur; once an error occurs, the parse context can't continue to parse text (you have to destroy it and create a new parse context).

Definition at line 332 of file markup.h.

Public Member Functions

void end_parse ()
int get_char_number () const
Glib::ustring get_element () const
int get_line_number () const
const Parserget_parser () const
Parserget_parser ()
const GMarkupParseContext * gobj () const
GMarkupParseContext * gobj ()
void parse (const char *text_begin, const char *text_end)
void parse (const Glib::ustring &text)
 ParseContext (Parser &parser, ParseFlags flags=ParseFlags(0))

Package Functions

void add_destroy_notify_callback (void *data, func_destroy_notify func) const
void notify_callbacks ()
 Execute and remove all previously installed callbacks.
void remove_destroy_notify_callback (void *data) const

Package Attributes

 __pad0__:func_destroy_notify func_destroy_notify

Private Member Functions

ParseContextoperator= (const ParseContext &)
 ParseContext (const ParseContext &)

Static Private Member Functions

static void destroy_notify_callback (void *data)

Private Attributes

GMarkupParseContext * gobject_

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