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void Gtk::Box::pack_start ( Widget child,
bool  expand,
bool  fill,
guint  padding = 0 
) [inherited]

Left side insert a widget to a box. The expand argument to pack_start() or pack_end() controls whether the widgets are laid out in the box to fill in all the extra space in the box so the box is expanded to fill the area allocated to it (true). Or the box is shrunk to just fit the widgets (false). Setting expand to false will allow you to do right and left justifying of your widgets. Otherwise, they will all expand to fit in the box, and the same effect could be achieved by using only one of pack_start() or pack_end() functions.

The fill argument to the pack_start()/pack_end() functions control whether the extra space is allocated to the objects themselves (true), or as extra padding in the box around these objects (false). It only has an effect if the expand argument is also true.

The difference between spacing (set when the box is created) and padding (set when elements are packed) is, that spacing is added between objects, and padding is added on either side of an object.

Definition at line 327 of file box.cc.

References Gtk::Box::gobj().

Referenced by Gtk::Bin::add_pixlabel(), and TimeAxisView::show_at().

  gtk_box_pack_start(gobj(), (child).gobj(), static_cast<int>(expand), static_cast<int>(fill), padding);

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