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Glib::Markup::Parser Class Reference
[Simple XML Subset Parser]

#include <markup.h>

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Detailed Description

The abstract markup parser base class.

To implement a parser for your markup format, derive from Glib::Markup::Parser and implement the virtual methods.

You don't have to override all of the virtual methods. If a particular method is not implement the data passed to it will be ignored. Except for the error method, any of these callbacks can throw an error exception; in particular the MarkupError::UNKNOWN_ELEMENT, MarkupError::UNKNOWN_ATTRIBUTE, and MarkupError::INVALID_CONTENT errors are intended to be thrown from these overridden methods. If you throw an error from a method, Glib::Markup::ParseContext::parse() will report that error back to its caller.

Definition at line 239 of file markup.h.

Public Types

typedef std::map
< Glib::ustring, Glib::ustring,

Protected Member Functions

virtual void on_end_element (ParseContext &context, const Glib::ustring &element_name)
virtual void on_error (ParseContext &context, const MarkupError &error)
virtual void on_passthrough (ParseContext &context, const Glib::ustring &passthrough_text)
virtual void on_start_element (ParseContext &context, const Glib::ustring &element_name, const AttributeMap &attributes)
virtual void on_text (ParseContext &context, const Glib::ustring &text)
 Parser ()

Package Functions

void add_destroy_notify_callback (void *data, func_destroy_notify func) const
void notify_callbacks ()
 Execute and remove all previously installed callbacks.
void remove_destroy_notify_callback (void *data) const

Package Attributes

 __pad0__:func_destroy_notify func_destroy_notify

Private Member Functions

Parseroperator= (const Parser &)
 Parser (const Parser &)


class Glib::Markup::ParserCallbacks

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