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#ifndef __fst_fst_h__
#define __fst_fst_h__

#include <setjmp.h>
#include <signal.h>
#include <pthread.h>

 * Display FST error message.
 * Set via fst_set_error_function(), otherwise a FST-provided
 * default will print @a msg (plus a newline) to stderr.
 * @param msg error message text (no newline at end).
extern void (*fst_error_callback)(const char *msg);

 * Set the @ref fst_error_callback for error message display.
 * The FST library provides two built-in callbacks for this purpose:
 * default_fst_error_callback() and silent_fst_error_callback().
void fst_set_error_function (void (*func)(const char *));

void  fst_error (const char *fmt, ...);


#include <vestige/aeffectx.h>

typedef struct _FST FST;
typedef struct _FSTHandle FSTHandle;
typedef struct _FSTInfo FSTInfo;

struct _FSTInfo 
    char *name;
    char *creator;
    int UniqueID;
    char *Category;
    int numInputs;
    int numOutputs;
    int numParams;

    int wantMidi;
    int wantEvents;
    int hasEditor;
    int canProcessReplacing; // what do we need this for ?

    // i think we should save the parameter Info Stuff soon.
    // struct VstParameterInfo *infos;
    char **ParamNames;
    char **ParamLabels;

typedef struct AEffect * (*main_entry_t)(audioMasterCallback);

struct _FSTHandle
    void*    dll;
    char*    name;
    char*    nameptr; /* ptr returned from strdup() etc. */
    //struct AEffect* (*main_entry)(audioMasterCallback);
    main_entry_t main_entry;

    int plugincnt;

struct _FST 
    struct AEffect*    plugin;
    void*       window; /* win32 HWND */
    int         xid; /* X11 XWindow */
    FSTHandle*  handle;
    int     width;
    int     height;
    int           wantIdle;
    int         destroy;
    int         vst_version;

    int           want_program;
    int         current_program;
    float      *want_params;
    float      *set_params;

    int         dispatcher_wantcall;
    int         dispatcher_opcode;
    int         dispatcher_index;
    int         dispatcher_val;
    void *  dispatcher_ptr;
    float   dispatcher_opt;
    int           dispatcher_retval;

    struct _FST* next;
    pthread_mutex_t lock;
    pthread_cond_t  window_status_change;
    pthread_cond_t  plugin_dispatcher_called;
    int             been_activated;

#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {

extern int        fst_init (void* possible_hmodule);
extern void       fst_exit ();

extern FSTHandle* fst_load (const char*);
extern int        fst_unload (FSTHandle*);

extern FST*       fst_instantiate (FSTHandle*, audioMasterCallback amc, void* userptr);
extern void       fst_close (FST*);

extern int fst_create_editor (FST* fst);
extern int  fst_run_editor (FST*);
extern void  fst_destroy_editor (FST*);
extern int  fst_get_XID (FST*);
extern void fst_move_window_into_view (FST*);

extern FSTInfo *fst_get_info (char *dllpathname);
extern void fst_free_info (FSTInfo *info);
extern void fst_event_loop_remove_plugin (FST* fst);
extern int fst_call_dispatcher(FST *fst, int opcode, int index, int val, void *ptr, float opt );

 * Load a plugin state from a file.
extern int fst_load_state (FST * fst, char * filename);

 * Save a plugin state to a file.
extern int fst_save_state (FST * fst, char * filename);

extern int wine_pthread_create (pthread_t* thread_id, const pthread_attr_t* attr, void *(*function)(void*), void* arg);

#ifdef __cplusplus

#endif /* __fst_fst_h__ */

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