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template<class T_arg1, class T_arg2, class T_arg3, class T_arg4, class T_arg5, class T_arg6, class T_arg7, class T_return>
pointer_functor7<T_arg1,T_arg2,T_arg3,T_arg4,T_arg5,T_arg6,T_arg7, T_return> sigc::ptr_fun ( T_return(*)(T_arg1, T_arg2, T_arg3, T_arg4, T_arg5, T_arg6, T_arg7)  _A_func  )  [inline]

Creates a functor of type sigc::pointer_functor7 which wraps an existing non-member function.

_A_func Pointer to function that should be wrapped.
Functor that executes _A_func on invokation.

Definition at line 537 of file ptr_fun.h.

Referenced by Gtk::TreeView::append_column_numeric(), ImageFrameTimeAxisGroup::remove_this_group(), TimeAxisViewItem::remove_this_item(), and VisualTimeAxis::remove_this_time_axis().

{ return pointer_functor7<T_arg1,T_arg2,T_arg3,T_arg4,T_arg5,T_arg6,T_arg7, T_return>(_A_func); }

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